I get to say, now, that the fence is done.  I am sitting here with a large bandaid on my L shin, multiple scratches to the hands and arms and a back that is rather unhappy with me, but the fence is done.  We are just waiting on the concrete to cure, then will remove the support boards and clean the yard.  That is one job done to make up for the damage done by a storm in late spring.

While digging in a hole, it occurred to me that the fence companies do the job phenomenally faster using a hydraulic drill and ram on the back of a tractor.  I have no idea how much they would charge to drill a couple of holes, but there was a trencher for rent, a year ago, for $200 for three hours.  Let’s imagine that applies here and I can get 4 holes done for $200.  That’s $50 per hole.  That fifty dollars requires several hours of work to make.  So I could trade several hours to rent a machine, or do the same job by hand in a couple of hours.  While on this concept of exchange, it occurred to me that purchasing something vs doing it myself, the value of the item in terms of time spent is more stable than the market numerical value assigned over time.  Compare the hours spent to earn the money for gas 30 years ago, and compare it to the amount of time required to earn the money for gas now.  I’m thinking, off the top of my head, of course, that the results may be similar.  The bottom line is a question: “is this item worthy of the time I will have to spend to obtain it?”

While I am writing this, an oriel is sitting in the back tree.  Usually, color is used for camouflage, not in his case. The area immediately behind where he was sitting is our fence which was damaged by a storm earlier in the year.  We had the adjuster come out and adjusted it well below what was necessary to fix the fence, and so, we are doing it ourselves.  We have a hammer-drill which handles a 1″ bit and works rather well digging through the chaliche.  My plan was to dig out 4 posts (by noon), get the posts set, and install the fence by Monday.  Well, today is Monday and that oriel was sitting in front of the fence which was supposed to be gone by now.  Oh well, About 4 hours in on Saturday, I managed to get through the first concrete, and that also needed an A-frame with come-a-long to pull out the broken base of the former fencepost.  Actually, I used 2 come-alongs: one hooked over the bar of the A-frame and the second to do the pulling.  I bent the handle of the first come-a-long trying to pull up the post, and had to switch their positions.  About that point, all hope of finishing the job tied itself to Bin-Ladin’s body bag and drug itself down to the bottom of the sea.  Being tenacious, I tried working on the next concrete post, and finally cried uncle about 10″ down.  As hard as caliche is, concrete is harder.  That being said, relocating the holes finally became an option.  This leaves one detail remaining: concrete has a cure time and I wanted to get the fence applied so that unwanted visitors have a big hint.  What to do… while, I could put up the fence first, then pour the concrete which will mean the concrete won’t be disturbed once there.  We now have a piece of fence applied and held plumb with leaning posts awaiting the application of concrete.  Two more sections of fence need this treatment, and I have only today free before work time applies again.  I’ll type to you later.  May your labor day be filled with little labor.  There is a bit of irony there.

I had a short conversation with mominbox the other day.  She was noting how many felons are in the administration and the fact that they are felons, and have not been called to justice.  My evaluation was simple.  Being a felon is necessity in this mindset.  Their mode of operation is “do this, or else,” and the presence of felony is the or else.  There is no attempt, or even hint of good governance here.  This is Chicago gang thought writ large.

Yes for a FEUDAL state to work there has to be a HUGE disparity between the rich and the poor AKA no middle class. Why else do you think that over FOUR HUNDRED new taxes were levied upon the ever disappearing middle class, why we are expected to carry the burden of socialized healthcare, countless kids living in poverty, the millions of lazy people in this country, the imported poverty from South America, the socialist policies of the elitist Left, the implementation of the PC agenda, the destruction of our civil liberties, and the dumbing down of our population through the mis-education of our youth? It is all so we can return to the modern version of Dark Ages. It is how the monarchy kept control of its population and its nobility.

From here. - in the comments section.  As Rush says, in all comedy there is a bit of truth.  In this case, they are just admitting the obvious…and doing so without the slightest fear of reprisal.

I had a phone call the other day that still irritates me a bit.  I explained what I do in the previous post, so just know that I was on the phone trying to get said individual to see a doctor for a post hospital visit.  This person was entirely concerned with the cost of the visit and expressed displeasure being in Texas as we expected them to pay to see the doctor.  I will have to admit having a firestorm in the back of my head: “ummm, do you pay for food?  Do you pay for (x)?  Is our service that low on your list that it is not worth pay?  Do you expect someone else to pay for you?  Etc.”  I was good and kept the dendrites firing on the back burner.  It did, however, remind me of the mindset displayed with the riots and other melees receiving a lot or no coverage depending upon the amount of melanin the media discovers on which offender.  Am I suggesting that the media is playing a role in this societal degradation by partially presenting the news?  Yes.  Next question?  Remember the plan of Marx where two groups would be pitted against each other depending upon whether they were business owners or workers?  The MSP and other forms of entertainment and media have just adapted this concept and substituted race for business owners.  Realize that they are using Marx’s form as stated as well.  That’s covered with the “wealth inequality” being bandied about.  Imagine for a moment a society where the individuals work for what is theirs and it can’t be taken on the whim of a government official.  While in that line of thought consider that these same individuals are responsible for their decisions by having to live the consequences of them.  That setup would force better decisions as time progressed and individuals sought to improve their individual circumstances.  We have just the opposite in this country because behavior is maintained by removing money from workers and giving it to nonworkers.  Laziness is rewarded and the natural consequence that would normally provide thrift and responsible behavior is frustrated.  There is no wonder at the behavior presented when on considers “you get what you pay for” and we have spent trillions making this.

As this morning progresses, I have to admit being in the midst of a quiet torture.  Let me back up a minute.  I moved into a job at work requiring me to call individuals who leave the hospital without a primary care physician and offer them care from our clinic.  If they have a primary care physician out of our area or with a different group, ensure that they are being seen for a follow up to the hospital visit.  Next detail is that our insurance requires a PCP.  I have come to realize that were the occurrence such that I had a hospital visit, my name would be on my list.  I suppose it would be easy to call myself, but decided to be proper and establish care with a PCP.  The physician was chosen and date set.  This doctor also decided to do labs ahead of time.  I don’t know how much of what is being taken, but do know they are supposed to be fasting, so have started this day being “good” in anticipation of having a needle remove some of , well, you know the rest.  So here I sit doing my morning routine without the coffee – as I had wonders about my willpower were a pot made.  The cafeteria may have breakfast available – with coffee – and I’m going to find out this morning after being drained.

I have an idea on this subject, but don’t have the time to develop it right now.  So, in the mean time, consider the following:

How to survive a cop stop.   Just the verbiage should indicate to what level our society has sunk.


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