I have heard a small murmur of an order signed by Zero recently allowing the feds to enter citizen’s homes and take whatever provisions they find there in excess of what some bureaucrat feels is needful for the individual.  Let me posit the first thought of this behavior, that is it is only possible for someone who doesn’t believe in private property.  If there was a belief in private property, this kind of action could not even be considered.  Zero did this because he doesn’t believe what you have is yours.  That said, consider the propaganda presented for this – to give to those who don’t have enough.  Next, consider that what the federal government gives out has to be certified by themselves to the individuals receiving it.  Inspectors go through food plants and hassle farmers all in the name of maintaining food quality.  In a nation of 300 million people, how many of those knowing that the feds are now planning to steal their wares would sabotage the food.  For the individual saboteur, it’s just simply, “avoid the red can on the third shelf.”  For the feds who then would claim responsibility for what was provided to others, inspections and testings would have to commence to ensure safety, or they would simply have to destroy the food for protection from contaminated supplies.

That is my proposed evaluation of this rule.  The feds have given themselves permission to steal our very food so it may be destroyed and we more dependent upon what they do provide.  After all, it’s much harder to control a population that can care for itself, feed itself, and think for itself.

There is an interesting molecule, commonly called water which makes up most of our bodies and is instrumental to the operation of the biosphere.  The molecule is composed of three atoms: an oxygen and two hydrogens.  The hydrogens are attached to the oxygen at an angel of about 118 degrees.  I am pulling that out of my memory bank, so won’t certify its accuracy.  The electrons around these atoms are pulled slightly to the side that the hydrogens occupy and provide a positive charge there and a negative charge near the oxygen.  The oxygen atom attracts additional association with hydrogens, but not a bond like with its molecule.  As every molecule is attracted to every other one, water tends to be a rather associative compound.  We did an experiment in chemistry: take a penny, use an eye dropper and count how many drops of water you can place on the penny.  It’s rather impressive.

When water gets cold, it turns to ice.  In actual practice, there is additional movement that happens because the atoms associate this time with groups of 6 other molecules and force a shape in a more definite pattern than is known in the liquid state.  This pattern lowers the density of the water meaning it requires more space than the liquid water takes.  A lower density is what lets ice float.  The liquid water is denser and stays under the lighter, less dense ice.

What you see above the water is about 1/8 of the piece of ice.  The dimensions from the water line to the bottom of the ice will equal the amount of water displaced of a weight equal to the entire piece of ice.  In other words, when the ice melts, it will occupy the space displaced by the bottom 7/8 of the ice.  If you think about it in that fashion it becomes easy to see that melting ice will never raise or lower the level of the water in which it floats because it displaces the amount of water equal to its weight.

Remember this the next time someone tells you about melting ice flooding our cities.  It can’t.   The only place where the ice is on the land (and hence not floating) is Antarctica, and there is no melting there.  The ice is actually getting thicker, whether the greenies in their stuck ship think so or not…

It’s not a whole list, but a link that deserves consideration as once socialism is adopted, thought needs to be controlled.  That is the origin of  “politically correct.”

You remember all that talk about how legalizing gay marriage wouldn’t require priests, ministers, or rabbis to conduct same-sex marriage ceremonies in violation of their religious beliefs. There wasn’t going to be any slippery slope, or so we were told.

Two ministers in Idaho are facing up to 6 months in jail and up to $1000 in fines for each day that they continue to refuse to perform a same-sex wedding that a gay couple requested last Friday.

H/T http://hogewash.com/2014/10/19/slip-sliding-away-2/

[I repeat]
Which is why I keep asserting that, in any socialistic system, eventually all thought, speech and behavior must be categorized as either forbidden or mandatory. Isn’t that at base, what political correctness amounts to? It must be so because socialism’s very survival is dependent upon it. All forms of rejection of reality, must eventually be imposed.

I went through my first haunted house at Sea World yesterday.  I went with kidinbox and picked the ICU as it did have a “medical” theme.  While standing in line, I had to note that it will probably be problematic as I will spend time noting their errors as I have been in the hospital with partial body parts removed, and had to do the dressings.  I have set up traction and cared for protruding pins.  I have held the hand of someone in cancer ward and told them it was all right to let go, and held their hand until the carotid artery beat its last.  I didn’t see that there would be too much they could do which I haven’t seen.  Just saying.  What we were greeted with was a representation of an old time psych ward with all kinds of patients wanting out, sneaking up behind, tied to the bed, etc.  Well, I did 5 years in a state institution and afterwards had to say that the biggest difference was that we were assured there would be no touching there.  It’s not so in the state school.  I have had my head hit such that my description was feeling like I was struck with a 2×4.  There is no assurance of coming out unscathed.  I guess this is from where the saying comes, “you can’t scare me, I’m a nurse.”

I have 2 examples:

1.) I despise tailgaters.  If someone tries pushing me down the road it’s an open invitation to either maintain speed, or slow down and icing on the cake is if the additional land is occupied forcing the tailgater to go slower.  In other words, it is my adopted job to make the tailgater miserable.  Thank you very much.  I get to smile when one goes by pedal to the metal shaking a distal appendage.  That said, I was following kidinbox home – our home – when a character didn’t feel we were progressing adequately, pulled around us, and pushed into the following space I had left between kidinbox and us.  Yes, there was adequate space to follow.  There was not enough space for an additional car.  Brakes. Tap.  Slow. Give. A. Bit. More. Space.  I ended up slowing a bit more than required as we were getting closer to the second to last turn before home and obviously there was not enough room for this hog to run around both of us and still get the turn.  We. Went. Slower.  I think mid 20’s.  When we finally made it home, kidinbox said the offending driver was noted and speed was appropriately slowed.  :-)

2.) Yesterday was Sea World day.  We all went across west Texas to San Antonio for a day with the rides and animals.  Being October, they are having their Halloween decor.  Kidinbox was wearing a tee shirt proclaiming “American Horror Story” and sporting a picture of a whited female face with the eyes black and black substance draining from the inferior aspect of the eyes down the cheeks.  I examined the picture and title and began, “You know, if you wanted a real American Horror Story…”  Kidinbox finished, “They didn’t have one with Zero’s picture.”

Kidinbox knows me.

Many years ago, I was on a board at church.  We were conducting usual business when something was presented that made my inner self sick.  There was an insurance proposal being considered and the company made it clear that we, the church, needed to adopt their “recommendations” to continue to receive insurance coverage.  They presented the idea that predators would join a church to get access to kids.  We were to adopt windows in all of the classroom doors, which seemed reasonable, but then they required that the nursery be staffed 100% by females.  The only male allowed there was one to change his own child and then had to immediately leave.  The church was to adopt the rule that all men, no matter who they were, are child abusers.  That just rubbed me the wrong way.  Can anyone say discrimination?  How about stereotyping?  I guess stereotyping and discrimination are all right as long as the correct individuals get to bear the brunt of it.  There are effects to this kind of behavior.  Those who would protect children are now inhibited from doing so – or they have to make that choice – protect the child and do time for providing that protection, or just turn a blind eye and go about one’s life as was described in the story.  This only perpetuates the idea that men are scoundrels, because they are the only type remaining once the good protecting men are removed.

Starting next week, we are teaching a children’s bell choir.  We are starting with the assumption that the kids have no idea how to read music and plan to do the lessons accordingly.  I started looking for an example of a choir to show the kids.  While doing that, discovered this group:

There is incredible timing in humor, and they have it perfected.  I’m amazed they pull it off with such a piece as well.


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