We have family over for visits and have been enjoying time together.  One activity we did was to watch “Casablanca.”  It is an old black and white film set in WW2.  The quality of the characters and story reinforced my opinion of the higher quality of older films.  Consider that a few months ago we went with kidinbox to see “How to train your dragon 2.”  I was asked my impression and had to say it wasn’t as bad as I was afraid it would be.  They actually took the evil character, applied the cliched “you can just talk to someone and they will change,” and let the evil character be unaffected.  Compare that to a film we just watched where there were not really good and bad characters, but a whole host of individuals behaving in response to their own predilections, war, poor political environment, and the interactions were being observed as the movie.  There was character development and a seemingly simple plot that still left one in wonder at the movement of events.  Such is not the quality of modern movies – as I’ve observed.

I went to the mall to obtain a few electronic parts for a sound piece on which we are working.  We passed the big box store and noted a parking lot entirely full with cars parking in the adjacent store’s lot.  I’m not going there, thank you very much.  It was enough to go to the electronic store in the mall and hear a female complain to a man about his presence in line, state he was cutting in front of her, gripe at the female that she must be just like the man, and then when the man walked by to another part of the store, complain that a glove brushed her and that other wives control their husbands.  I found that last part rather bothersome.  It occurred to me that modern media has really done a good job that a comment was presented announcing that the husband was under the control of the wife.  Really?  He is not an independent sentient being?  He is not individually responsible for his actions?  I was thinking about that interaction and decided the depreciation of the male was on full display.

One other thing keeps me from the black Friday events – I like myself.  I have had reports from a relative who is quite familiar with these occurrences that people are actually fighting over sales items.  Umm, it’s stuff.  It’s not that important compared to my bodily formation.  I like to stay in one piece, and I like my separation from the police department.  Having to make sworn statements is not a way I wish to give thanks.  I can enjoy this day without legal consultation.

Spouseinbox is looking at pictures of the lines at the events going from the store to the road and I had to contrast that we were sitting here together in the privacy of our own room without any fussing pushing, or angst.  It’s a much better way to spend Thanksgiving – in my opinion.

In honor of this day I present three items:


For those who say we have a secular or at best deistic founding, consider these:



I am thankful for being in this country and the heritage I have experienced and about which I have learned.  I am also thankful for the ability to use the internet as verification and library of ideas and information which was not available even earlier in my lifetime.  Consider that the references I cited earlier only took moments to discover with a short search term.

We are blessed.  I will follow our country’s founders and cite God as the source of those blessings.  Thank you God.

“My fellow Americans, the line was drawn a long time ago and many in our country have allowed the Federal government to creep across that line slowly over the years. It is time to say “Enough is enough,” stop them and then push them back in place where they belong.”

YOU’VE BEEN GRUBERED! If You Like Your Obamacare Health Plan, You Can Keep It, If HHS Doesn’t Pick a New One For You. “Here’s a Friday Obamacare news-dump for you: In a 300-page regulatory proposal released late this afternoon, the Department of Health and Human Services announced that it is considering changing Obamacare’s auto-renewal rules so that, within the health law’s exchanges, instead of being automatically renewed into your current health plan, you’d be moved into the lowest cost plan from the same service tier. . . . It’s not just auto-reenrollment. It’s auto-reassignment. Basically, if you like your plan, but don’t go out of your way to intentionally re-enroll, the kind and wise folks at HHS or state health exchanges might just pick a new plan—perhaps with different doctors, clinics, cost structures, and benefit options—for you. And if you want to switch back? Good luck once open enrollment is closed. There’s always
next year. A hassle? Maybe. But have faith: They know what’s best.”


motorcycle swing

Almost every time I’ve talked to a reporter has gone this way: they had already decided the narrative beforehand. I’m never being asked for information — I’m being used for quotes to back up their predetermined story, regardless of whether it’s true. (Consider this when you read the news.) Misquotes usually aren’t mistakes — they’re edited, consciously or not, to say what the reporter needs them to say.
Talking to reporters is like talking to the police: ideally, don’t. You have little to gain and a lot to lose, their incentives often conflict with yours, and they have all of the power.

[From the comments]
They’re not getting your story; they’re confirming theirs.

LIFE IN THE ERA OF HOPE AND CHANGE: $4.15 Per Pound: Ground Beef Climbs to Another Record High. “Five years ago, in October 2009, the average price for a pound of ground beef was $2.177, according to the BLS.” Boy, it’s a good thing we haven’t had any inflation or this would be really bad.

SPYING: Local judge unseals hundreds of highly secret cell tracking court records; Stingray docs unsealed by North Carolina judge could prompt wave of new appeals. “According to the Charlotte Observer, the records seem to suggest that judges likely did not fully understand what they were authorizing. Law enforcement agencies nationwide have taken extraordinary steps to preserve stingray secrecy. As recently as this week, prosecutors in a Baltimore robbery case dropped key evidence that stemmed from stingray use rather than fully disclose how the device was used.”
[From the comments]
When the government would rather drop a case than reveal what they are doing, it’s about the strongest argument that we absolutely need to know what the hell the government has been doing.


More evidence of the Obama “dense pack” approach to scandals. Can I call ‘em, or what?

MORE ON THOSE “FOUND” EMAILS FROM LOIS LERNER. I’m cynical enough to suspect that they’ve been found for a long time, and the delay was to (1) get past the midterms; and (2) allow someone to vacuum the archives of any truly incriminating material.

SARAH HOYT: Speaking Truth To Power. “One of the most fascinating conceits of our ruling powerful elites — be they in entertainment, politics, governance, jurisprudence or news reporting — is the often repeated assertion of being some kind of underdog ‘speaking truth to power.’ This comes with the concomitant illusion that anyone opposing them is paid by powerful interests. Never mind that the ones making the accusation are usually in positions of power and receive recognition all out of proportion to their achievements.”

I found a site like this one earlier in the week, but didn’t manage to get the post in place.  I like the idea of planned purchases through the year, and feel that I could adjust the list  to my preferences.  Also, there is a needed place to put the stuff.  For such a need, I have in-laws to copy.  They have a closet set on each side with 1×4’s and vertical 1×2’s to support the fronts.  The boards have enough space to place cans.  I have already installed this idea in our pantry from the present shelves to the door frame, and have found the space useful.  I just need to figure out where the rest of the year’s supply should go.  But this does provide a plan once the location is determined.

I received information that there were important updates from M$.  I tried to get this computer setup and discovered that there was no update available.  I looked into the services folder and there was none available there to operate.  I tried a system search and no update was found.  I tried to get one downloaded from M$, without success either.   There was an instruction of how to operate the update in the system, but nothing about where to go when it was removed.  So I tried to back up and followed the restore points in the system to get back to the point where update was available, and I could run it.  After going through all of the restore points, there was no update.  Stink.  That left one option.  I went and purchased the largest thumb drive I could find and started downloading all of the files that we were to keep.  They filled the drive.  I had to buy another one and continue the process.  Once there, I pulled out the restore disks and began the process of rebuilding the system.  I have just finished reinstalling the system, downloading all of the updates – which took 5 repeats of the process, and placing all of the files from the thumb drives back on the computer.  They are not all in proper location, but at least they are available.  I also have to reinstall all of the additional programs I had previously been using.  Of that set, I only have one started.  Oh well.  such is life with computers and viruses.

During church this morning, we were sitting in the foyer.  The other occupants of the space were a dad and boy about 2 years old.  I’m guessing so due to the presence of a diaper.  What was observed was this little guy running to the front door, then to the stairs, then to the nursery door, then to the front door again, then to the back hallway, then to the side hallway, then to the front door, then to….. The father was dutifully following this little guy and I got to wondering if this was the definition of aerobic exercise.

Later, we were in a local pizza place when an older boy came around our table doing the giant’s phrases: Fe, Fi, Fo, Fum, Fe, Fi, Fo, Fum, Fe, Fi, Fo, Fum, and taking really big steps – big for him, that is.  I had the observation that this little fellow was imitating a giant – from his three foot of height.  His parents shewed him up into the adjacent bench seat and heard him tapping something hard on the rail near my head height – while I was seated.  I looked up to see him standing on the bench which allowed him to look over the rail.  His parent shewed him again, this time on to his bottom side, and out of my sight.  While I was up recharging my plate with the pizza goodness, this same little guy was crawling under my chair.  (I was not aware of this moment.)  Upon arrival back at the table, I was asked about a ring.  The only thing I could think was the tapping which occurred when he first climbed up into the bench and informed his parents of that, looked at and under the table without luck.  We finished imbibing calories, and went to a store in the same shopping center.  There was something of interest on a bottom shelf, and when I bent over to take a look, a ring fell on the floor.  Shazzam!  What do we have here?  We checked out, and went back to the pizza place where the family was gathered around the air-hockey table and presented the ring.  It’s never a dull day with kids, even if they aren’t your own.


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