November 2009

Check out this article. I like standing up to usurpers in any flavor. And being the head of a house, having a machine gun handy is just a cool idea.


I was rather busy through the week and weekend, so didn’t get to participate in the shopping frenzy of Friday. Granted, I didn’t miss crawling over other shoppers to get a “bargain”, but the time I did get into Wally World, it was interesting to note the low turnout there. There were a good number of registers open an no more than 2 shoppers in line. I have a relative working there and heard that it was a bit busy in the early morning, but this looked nothing like previous shopping periods. I wonder if it has anything to do with >10% unemployment, fear that Pres 0 might do something else, congress trying to do something else.  <cynicism>No, couldn’t be that at all. </cynicism>

Good morning and happy new week. I have been busy for the last weekend and hence no posting. Included were:
on call at work,
working through weekend
in-laws over to visit
late Thanksgiving dinner due to the visit and my working.
I can say that I was busy. The dinner was done and timed for a break in my visits. I hope you all (my 1 reader) had a great Thanksgiving as well.

I thought I’d join the hysteria about an early morning car crash. As my job sends me all over town and the radio is my companion, I have had many chances to hear about Tiger and much speculation about what he was doing at 0230. There just seems to be two questions I have at this point: is it any body’s business except the neighbor whose tree was hit and the city for the hydrant, and would anyone else hitting a hydrant at 0230 receive such attention?
No. and
Let’s get back to some real news. This one needs some attention, I believe.

I was looking through an interesting site and found this gem. Enjoy. After being in the medical field for 10 years, well, “you know you’re a nurse when your humor gets more warped each year.”

Drudge had a link to this report from which I pulled this quote:
Search engines are a reflection of the content and information that is available on the internet,” Google said.

“The beliefs and preferences of those who work at Google, as well as the opinions of the general public, do not determine or impact our search results.”

Google said it will remove pages from search results if they violate the company’s guidelines but it “views the integrity of our search results as an extremely important priority.

Compare this assertion to the experience of this blogger:
2 September, 2009

Best pix

Every now and again I put up a gallery of what I think are the best pix that have appeared recently on this blog. I have just put up my selection for May and June. You can access them here.

When I was looking through the posts for May and June, the thought occurred to me that I may have located the post that caused Google/blogspot to block my old site. It is this post. To some twisted minds any criticism of Mr & Mrs Obama is “racist” and I can only conjecture that there may be some such minds at Google. They ARE known to be strong Obama supporters.

There is of course nothing racist in the post. Carla Bruni is a former model and Mrs Obama is not.

Go Enjoy.
I remember being in grade school hearing about the pending ice age where everything would freeze, and no farmer would be able to plant…
In a related thought:

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