January 2010

I’m back after a week that was, well just let me say I’m glad it’s over. There was a little imp pumping on an airhose attached to my head, and another one pouring some junk into the back of my nasal passage.
I tried to implement the Drix character from Osmosis Jones. At least the hypothalamus maintained temperature.


an individual who decided to forgo work due to an easier route was Charles Darwin. He was originally destined to be a doctor like his father but, “soon after this period I became convinced from various small circumstances that my Father would leave me property enough to subsist on with some comfort … my belief was sufficient to check any strenuous effort to learn medicine”.
It seems small to note another example of a keen mind being kept at ease by being able to count on support of another. In this case, Mr. Darwin chose to entertain his curiosity by the study of nature. By his writings, we have knowledge of his ability to compile observations and make original conclusions. Imagine what he could have contributed had his energy been utilized.
How many individuals are out in our society put at ease off the industriousness of others instead of spending their own efforts. Take off the shackles of welfare and onerous business regulation, and let’s see what this people can really create.

has decided to add one of these drink additives to the 20 oz water bottles used through the day. As the item in question was a suspension which naturally required continuous shaking to maintain the mix. A coworker noted this shaking action and offered, “shaking it more won’t make it taste better.”

Spouseinbox joined me in a duet at church tonight that was rather fun. The song took the story of Adam and Eve and put it to music giving us the opportunity to point, blame, and fuss at each other during service. It goes:
(Eve) While walking through the garden I looked up into a tree,
And there a piece of fruit seemed to say “Come up and eat me.”
It’s color looked so good and I knew it would make me wise,
So I gave in to what had just appealed to my eyes.
I am going to live my life the way that I want to
No matter that I do the things you told me not to do.
I am the smartest one I see on this big ball called Earth.
And one bite of that fruit I know will just increase my worth.
(Adam) I know God had made the woman standing with me now.
I had seen the animals from the zebra to the cow. And knew that
when I picked her it was for good times or bad.
So joining her was just the only option that I had.
(both)Then we heard the voice of God and knew we had to hide
And make some fig leaf aprons to cover side to side.
Then God came to the garden for the walk we used to do,
But this time His voice rang out, “Adam wonder where are you?”
(Adam)When the tones of judgment came I knew just what to do.
This woman caused the problem, now the fix is up to You.
(Eve)Now don’t you go to blaming me, the serpent is the one.
Who tempted us to do what would eliminate our fun.
(Both)Now we sit here wondering what will come upon us next.
We messed up the garden where the things were at their best.
Now the thorns are growing, and the labor’s really hard.
Sweat and toil are life now on this soil that we trod.

Post song, I made the point that at the time between Adam
seeing Eve sin and doing so himself, he had to decide to
stick with the gift (Eve) rather than the giver (God).

From Newsmax:
“Mitt Romney passed a bill when he was governor that is very similar to the Obama legislation, and Massachusetts is suffering under it. The average waiting time to see a doctor in Boston is now 63 days. In Miami it’s six days, for example. So people are beginning to see the impact of these health changes, and that’s redoubling their opposition to it.”

Brown has won.
Now we get to watch the hijinks as Pelosi et al try to ram government control down our throats.
At least tonight I am happy. 🙂

Hewitt’s Book that should be used by every republican from this time forth. World net daily has the copy and links for a liberal commenter stating the destruction of our republican system of government. How can we feel proud of our country and act like a bunch of 3rd world types during an election. If that’s the way Schultz wants to behave, he can move to Haiti and sell his wares there. Leave our country alone.

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