February 2010

if I was in the district.
Pull quote:
“Ignoring these costs doesn’t remove them from the backs of taxpayer. Hiding spending does not reduce spending.”

A bit of truth was presented and I note that Pres 0 did this without a teleprompter, unless one was hidden behind that his big sign.
Back to the rep. I have been holding to the concept of cleaning the house and senate of all incumbents. This presentation gave me hope that there are 1 or 2 viable for reelection.
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I had a wonderment several years ago while contemplating Jesus in the garden. Pictured was an individual in great distress considering what was about to happen. I had heard sermons by the dozen on the subject and each tried to expound on the emotional torture about what was about to happen, or the weight of knowing all the wrong that had occurred throughout all ages. The more I thought about it, the less I was comfortable with the concept. Part of the discomfort was associated with the concept of omnicient God. He is all knowing. That means He knew everything before the cross, and knows everything after the cross as well. The cross had no effect on the volume of knowledge and as such I had to discard that as the basis for Jesus’s suffering. I then spent time contemplating the coming crucifixion and torture which was to be part of His next day. In contemplating this aspect, I was reminded that here was an individual who had gone 40 days in the wilderness, was constantly under scrutiny of the religious leaders of the day with condemnation and threats of violence. Had been brought to the edge of a cliff in Nazareth where the people were going to throw Him down. He had clearly been through many trying times and constant stress, yet kept moving forward.
Others had seen their ends as well and responded with admirable confidence. Crucified upside down, sawn in two, burnt at the stake, among other horrific deaths and mere men did not respond to such futures with bloody sweat. How could Jesus have such a strong response to that which His creation approached with resolve? While still on this line of thinking, I considered the question, “What was different on the cross?” and noted that one of Jesus’s sayings was Father, Father why have You forsaken me? And I had heard this preached as the moment of aloneness that He experienced. While considering this line of thinking, it occurred to me that the cross was the only time in all of eternity where the Father and Jesus were parted. Eureka! I had the cause for the distress in the garden. Jesus was anticipating the only time in all eternity of being separated from the one He loved perfectly and wanted to do anything else if it was possible. This gave one last consideration. If that was the purpose and the spiritual separation of the Father and Jesus was the focus of the cross, why go through the physical if the spiritual could be accomplished otherwise? This continued thought was met with the concept that God likes to illustrate spiritual principles with physical means. By placing Jesus on the cross, He was showing everyone what God thinks of people apart from Him: in pain, in shame, beat up beyond anyone’s belief, and gasping for one’s last breath.
Lastly, I have also heard about the weakness of Jesus leading to the cross. He had lost blood, had no sleep, had lack of energy to even carry the cross that He was forced to move. He was beat up more than any other to the loss of recognition and realize that in His state, He could have uttered a simple word and a legion of angels would have responded. How is that weakness? One tortured beyond belief, stressed and humiliated who could end it with one word. I can’t see weakness there. Only resolve and power and love as this act was done to pave the way for knowing all of us.

The Obamunists hope to hook an unprecedented percentage of the citizenry on government handouts, and render the rest of us sufficiently vulnerable to Washington’s intrusions that we’ll refrain from resisting it for fear of the consequences of defeat. They want us afraid to roll back their program, or reluctant to do so out of individual self-interest. To reach that outcome, they must wheedle, shame, deceive, or intimidate us out of our immediate resistance to their legislative and regulatory agenda.

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I am reminded of Roosevelt’s comment that I heard on the radio taht by having people “contribute” to their social security program, no future politician would be able to remove it. I have tried in vain to find that particular quote and have found some interesting tidbits in the search:
Consider the aims of the present left and listen to –

I find a match of concept. Philosophy is timeless.
In the Bible from 2000 years ago: Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

I was looking over the dashboard of this blog and realized that this is post number 100. Wow. When I started this, hitting that many posts was inconceivable. Now, I have to consider the way that the posts are being set. The first time I tried a blog, the purpose was to write and anticipate readers. There were few and so the incentive to keep writing quickly diminished. My posts quit. The blog concept stayed dormant for a while and last Fall, I thought about trying again, except this time, write and post just for the fun of it. I notice the difference in results as this is #100. The takeaway is that motivation for an action is determinant for the continuance of that action.
Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you have enjoyed some of my scribblings.

Here is a picture out back of the rare moment in Texas history (at least at our location) where the ground and everything is white. I remember this happening here about 5 years ago for about a day. As for myself, growing up in the frigid north, this little bit would at best delay schools. We had to have about 2 feet of snow to close the schools. As for driving, I have no problem with the conditions excepting knowing that most of the other drivers don’t have the same experience and as such have no idea what to do in the snow. Oh well. I can contemplate building a snowman, have already thrown a snowball, and am considering challenging spouseinbox to a snowball fight.

Is there any chance Keith will take their challenge?

I have proof that companies offering their wares do not pay attention to the details of the sale.
This is in the form of a Re-order reminder form received in the mail recently. The company is offering “individually wrapped butermin press set up charge” which was what we ordered last May for a wedding. We’re not going to get married each year. This is the third offer from this company for the same product. One may think that a salesman paying attention might consider, “Wedding. OK. That’s a once in a lifetime event. Maybe offer them some pens or pencils.” No. This bunch of geniuses keeps offering the same wedding buttermints we only needed once. (sigh)

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