April 2010

I had thought that a couple of nurses could discuss anything over a pizza, though the other night, I found a limit over rice.
Spouseinbox and I had gone to a Mexican style restaurant and were having some of the standard fare. Included on the plate was some Mexican rice, refried beans, and enchiladas. Spouseinbox had mixed some salsa in with the rice and beans when I started discussing a video that I had found the other night. It was concerning maggot therapy on the heel of a diabetic patient. The video showed them before application as well as the infection and loss of tissue on the heel. Then the video showed the end result including the removal and paid special attention to the change in the maggots including their size and color. Spouseinbox asked me to not talk about that while rice was on the plate, and I will have to admit really fighting hard not to ask if one of the grains of rice had moved… After all, the color and size matched identically.


Note the common theme in the names. It wasn’t too hard to guess.

Jammie Wearing Fool has fingered the true motivation behind the “protest,” merely by researching the organizers of the event:

Of course as we predicted earlier today nowhere is it mentioned this “diverse mixture” was organized primarily by an Obama “economic adviser” and assorted Obama-supporting groups. Here’s some of that “diversity”:

Associated Groups: Diversity4Obama, Downtown West Side Manhattan for Obama, Flight Attendants for Obama, Grandparents for Obama, Group Administrators for Obama – Collaboration Group, New York Petition Drive 8th Congressional District, New York Union Members for Obama, NY Seniors for Obama, NYC4Obama (New York Coordination), NYCLabor4obama, Organized Labor for Obama, TriBeCa 4 Obama, Tribeca For Change, Union members for Obama, USA.CAN, Writers for Obama

An amazing array of diversity.

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I was in my neighborhood restaurant this morning and was seated behind a group of jubilant individuals celebrating the successful passing of the recent health care bill. I could not finish my breakfast. This is what ensued:

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Let the education begin.

From here:
“Two observations arise from this comparison,” the report concludes. “First, Canada’s physicians tend to have a lower threshold for reasonable wait times than do Canada’s provincial, territorial and federal governments. Second, median wait times in many provinces are already within the benchmarks set by governments in Canada, which means that more than 50 percent of patients in these provinces are already being treated in a time frame that provincial governments would consider ‘reasonable.'”

I place this ahead of my next thought which was earlier in the post:

“On the contrary, a profusion of research reveals that cardiovascular surgery queues are routinely jumped by the famous and politically-connected, that suburban and rural residents confront barriers to access not encountered by their urban counterparts, and that low-income Canadians have lower cardiovascular and cancer survival rates than their higher-income neighbors,” the study concluded.

The bottom line of this system is: the politicians who use it have easy access to care, and therefore experience no problem. That places the politician in the position of not understanding the population and legislating in that fashion. Our founders considered the solution to that dilemma was the politicians having to live under the laws they decide. The founders never considered the golden parachute mentality that pervades Washington today. We will only have reasonable laws when the ones who vote for them are required to live by them. The easiest way to this point is to turn over the population of the politicians. New faces have the opportunity to change things for a couple of years. We the people have to continue to do the same thing because the Republicans of ’94 proved that politicians are quickly corrupted by that environment – continual new faces are required.

In honor of earth day, I celebrated with a charcoal fire and pork chops cooked thereon. I also was sure to burn a newspaper to start the coals.
Just doing my part to maintain the level of CO2 for our plant partners who get to turn it back to oxygen for us to breathe.

Tomorrow is the world’s biggest joke: Earth Day. I’ve been to rallies, mostly to observe. And I’ve never been enlightened and rarely even amused. The marches and protests you’ll see tomorrow have nothing to do with science and little to do with the environment. It will be mostly a bunch of people trying to make themselves feel superior and moral.

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I have considered the green movement the extension of the communist movement when the USSR fell. Those individuals just hid in a place designed to make their activities look good. After all, who can be opposed to trying to help the environment? I just note that everything they propose is designed to remove more freedom for the citizen and increase the control of government. Once they have a proposal that doesn’t increase government, I might listen. In the mean time, talk to the hand.

We “little” spenders are the goose that has held back its golden egg since the election. When 10% of taxpayers pay most of the income tax of this country and the government takes the whip to their backs to produce more tax income for more teat-suckers, something somewhere is going to give. And, I think the “giving” taxpayers have about had a bellyful.

So, why is this administration so dead-set on making sure we don’t have money to spend? There can only be one answer to this question, and it’s the one we all know we know. They are doing it because a PROSPEROUS, industrious USA is the last thing they want.

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That last sentence really caught my attention. My personal thought is that they are doing it to cause a crisis and use that crisis to increase their power – “never let a good crisis go to waste.” I have further thoughts along this line, but will wait for a future post.

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