August 2010

If only we could have enough politicians after Nov to do the right things: remove the cancer at the top, scrape off the scabs that have been applied over the socialist wounds, dig out the fourth unelected branch of government (bureaucracies) and reduce the federal government. Yes, I know, I’m dreaming.


I have an interview with each visit and part of it went like this:
me: Now I want to ask about urination. Do you get up at night?
Pt: Yes a couple of times.
me: do you have any problem holding?
Pt: well, let me say that I have never been good at basketball, but now I can dribble with the best of them.

and let us begin by getting rid of the turds that believe themselves above us. Flush out Washington!
50 seats out of 435 are way too few. At least 219 need to be flushed for their support of Obummer care. That is what I consider the minimum number. Start there and continue.

From Here.

It’s amazing how to the right McCain goes for the election, and then runs back to the left. I haven’t forgotten McCain/Kennedy or McCain/Feingold. The name should have been the “incumbency protection act.”

It’s interesting to note what his actions show to be the American people’s mindset. We’re not for open borders, tax and spend, etc.

What bothers me though, is that the voters will send one with a track record like McCain back to do the same stuff to us again.

further down in the article. And I have to say I fully agree. It would make CSPAN more interesting to have the congress critters dressed appropriately for the level of work they actually do.
…So you wrote it, but the actual reading, etc. was done by experts? Well, gee, Mr. Baucus, WHY DON’T WE HIRE THEM TO BE OUR SENATORS? I means if you guys don’t read, understand and vote on bills based on that understanding, why don’t we pick senators who will? You know, cut out the middle man.

Seriously, if you don’t actually read the bills, what are you doing there, you waste of space?…


Ready Set Cringe.

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