September 2010

I looked at the tax chart from 2001 since we are going there in January and from the percentages given made the graph shown above. Note how much more progress is required from the top to make a move from the bottom. The top line is the gross income, the bottom is the net and this only shows the federal income tax. Not included are the state taxes, and payroll taxes. Another chart could be added to compare the difference, but then the figures get even more cloudy due to the application of business where social security taxes are paid entirely by the self-employed individual, but that same individual employing someone else would have to deduct an additional 7.5% from the business to cover the employee’s expenses, and on it goes. For purposes of my argument, keeping it simple by going between gross and net incomes will suffice.
The original joy of this country was in the ability of individuals to come here and get rewarded for their work. Previously mentioned were the pilgrims who learned how socialism retards individual labor. This dream of the original immigrants has eroded to the point that we are no longer a land of opportunity, but a mass of regulations inhibiting the advancement of anyone’s desires who doesn’t hold the correct associations to bypass the bureaucracy.
In the past couple of days an additional concept has been formulating in my dendrites concerning this phenomenon and was pushed along with another section in the book “The Underground History of American Education.” From pages 239 and 241:
“All through the British colonial history of America, the managerial class of these colonies was drawn from Church of England gentry and aristocrats. As you might expect, this leadership shared the British state church’s creative distaste toward education – for the underclasses. And the underclass then was a term for which the customary narrow modern usage is quite unsuitable. Every class not included in the leadership cadre was an underclass. The eye-topped pyramid on the back of our one-dollar bill catches the idea of such an episcopate beautifully: divinely appointed intelligence ruling the blind stones beneath….
Cookson and Persell, searching for reasons to explain the need for total institutions to train the young, concluded: “The shard ordeal of the prep rites of passage create bonds of loyalty that differences in background cannot unravel.”
Collective identity forged in prep schools becomes the basis of upper-class solidarity and consciousness, but sharing alone will not preserve or enhance a class’s interest. As a group, members must be willing to exercise their power:
The preservation of privilege requires the exercise of power, and those who exercise it cannot be too squeamish about the injuries that any ensuing conflict imposes on the losers…The founders of the schools recognized that unless their sons and grandsons were willing to take up the struggle for the preservation of their class interests, privilege would slip fro the hands of the elite and eventually power would pass to either a competing elite or to a rising underclass.
Private school students are enlisted as soldiers for their class, like Viking rowers, tough, loyal to each other, “ready to take command without self-doubt.” cookson and Persell say currently, “Boarding schools were not founded to produce Hamlets, but Dukes of Wellington. The whole point of status seminaries is the destruction of innocence…not its preservation.”

Pres 0 was actually a bit honest this last week in a clip I heard him say about private schools compared to Washington DC schools. He actually admitted having public schools doing poorly compared to the private school where his kids attend. I had to take notice as for once he actually spoke the truth. The private schools where the politicians attend have a different curriculum than the public schools forced on the rest of the population. As Mr. Gatto makes clear in his book, the schools were being used as an instrument to 1. dumb down the population, 2. create a work force compatible with repetitive labor requiring few skills, 3. a population versed in following a leader instead of working out problems themselves. On the last item I will note the instantaneous response to any group uprising opposing the present rulers – they must be following *.* or some catch phrase got them stirred up. What is being admitted there is the political class feel superior to the population and believe the population do not have the ability to consider issues themselves – they are just looking for some charismatic leader to follow.
The formulation of this mindset takes years to develop and the book indicates this had its origin in the mid 1800’s with an adrenaline shot post Darwin. After all, if genetics will provide the best being survivors, the population can be considered as a farmer does his livestock. The best ones get advanced for their best use and the remainder culled from the herd. This takes me back to the chart at the top of this post. Note how much more labor is required to advance up the income step. The media presentation of it is that those at the top need to pay more. The real world application is that those lower have a much harder time climbing. It is the soft application of a caste system. Those not starting near the top have a poor possibility getting there due to the government interference with their efforts. Note that this analysis doesn’t even consider the application of regulations which make certain industries near impossible to do.
The way this sets into the American Dream is simple. The dream used to mean the ability to receive compensation for one’s work. No more complicated than that. Ask what the American dream means now. I have heard the presence of a job, house, education. Not once have I heard a good response to the question. This tells me that the propaganda machine has worked well to redefine expectations we have for being here. So from my little sphere:
The American Dream- to get paid for what you do.


I had a home health visit in an adjacent city having a population of about 1100. Not quite a blink and miss it city, but still light on the scale. There was a required stop here as the bladder was calling for relief. Many years ago I had a friend at church who was finishing a MD/PhD. This friend had a philosophy that when using facilities at a business, one needed to purchase at the business as they were there for the purpose of making money and using their equipment was a service to the shopper, not a gift. In return for the use of facilities, this friend always purchased a small item. This seemed like a reasonable idea, and now I know resides in Jewish philosophy. Anyways, a package of salted peanuts seemed reasonable for the palate as well as the purchase obligation to which I now hold myself. The small town gas top had advanced to top of the line electronics. They had the flat screen monitor, card scanner, bar scanner, separated input board, and a cash drawer installed below the counter. There was even a sound card installed to accent the purchase experience. Yes, a bell ringing, just like the old manual input registers.

The weather channel is on and spouting advertisements for upcoming shows. The image was of a man clinging to a tree while the storm raged around him. The voice over asked, “What can you do when mother nature strikes back?”
*blink* * blink.*
Excuse me, but did someone slap mother nature?
“Strikes back” indicates something was done to it. It also implies a conscious decision. Both seem impossible to me. But maybe I’m missing something and she is knitting in a rocker up above the clouds waiting for humankind to offend her.

I had my visits planned and everyone anticipating my arrival when life interrupted the plans.
I can now add another one to the list:
“you know you’re a West Texas home health nurse when:”
-your flat tire is caused by a bone.
Yes. It was about 6″ long and three guys at the Firestone store could not remove it. The tire is now on display in the showroom.

I was watching a couple of little kids when my mind started wandering to the interactions between the kids and their parents, as well as interaction with us – perfect strangers. The common concept is that children are a product of the environment in which they were raised. The kids treated like princes and princesses grow up to be selfish, self-centered types, theoretically. There was a book I read some time back about interacting with antisocial personality disorder called “Before It’s Too Late.” The book takes two chapters to discuss the concept that kids not only react to their environments, they act. Kids are active participants in the interactions occurring. They are not simply reactive.
My brother gave me some advice long ago based upon the “Godfather” series. He described the books as an illustration of the application of power. Those who had power stated what they would do, and those without power would threaten. This concept was applied to my interactions with my kids. I decided they would only hear what was going to happen, and not ridiculous threats to “beat them to an inch of their lives”, etc. In other words, I made my words mean something. This was especially helpful with the youngest one who had mental difficulties – many which I won’t cover here. I had to set concrete rules and follow up exactly as prescribed with whatever had been promised. The end result was a kid who would follow my instructions and respond to me even if I had to speak from work over the phone. (I did therapy sessions when the school called) This takes the appreciation that the child is acting, and following the promised response.
Apply this to the present situation with politicians and muslims. Here are two groups that can be seen as acting as children. They are putting their demands and pushing the boundaries to see if there will be a response. The politicians are trying to take, rather, have been actively taking our rights, responsibilities, and freedoms for decades. In response, we, their parents (remember the consent of the governed?) keep sending the kids back to push some more boundaries. They will only stop when the consequences occur.
muslims are the same. They have a destructive ideology not compatible with the freedoms founding this nation and are trying to push the boundaries with the goal of taking over this country. Next year? Of course not. It is the philosophy of incrementalism where they keep pushing the boundaries at every opportunity possible. Just like the kids. The boundaries need to be enforced – yesterday. They can meet at mosque, but anyone disrupting traffic, off to jail. The city not enforcing their laws will loose them to the incremental disruption this philosophy causes. Advice to Michigan: develop a “tent city” like Joe the sheriff has. No prayer rugs, cable reduced to weather channel and c-span, regular meals and proper enforcement of the laws. We are not Saudi Arabia. If they prefer the society there, they may leave – after 2 years behind bars or whatever the law prescribes and a permanent revocation of a visa. If the pres can revoke a teen’s permission to enter our grand United States for calling names, surely terrorist activity is above that limbo bar.

spouseinbox and I traveled to another city to spend the day with kidinbox. Activities included anything we could think of that was inside out of the rain. Shopping, pizza and games, movie, and finally a dinner at the local buffet. In line for the desserts was a preggie (about 6 months along) with a tee shirt boasting, “Good things come to those who mate.”

The blog from which the previous post came has been added to my links. Down the page a little bit, there is a video about what happens to a country about 10% muslim. We are seeing the start in Michigan right now. France is showing us our future. Let’s learn quickly and respond appropriately. This is not a religion on which people base morals and social interaction. This is a tribal warfare philosophy. Think about it in political terms and the answers are much easier. Note that in the video the narrator mentions the political acts of this group.

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