October 2010



I was thinking again about the coming election and philosophies surrounding the parties and agents involved. One thing stood out which has bothered me for many years – attack on Christianity in the culture which is unmatched in other ideas.
While thinking on that subject, it occurred that there was a difference between Protestants and Catholics mentioned in my earlier studies. The protestants tend to say that the individual is accountable before God and will have to give account for his actions. The Catholics take a group approach where the set holds the individual before God and pleads for his cause. Note that in each case, whether individually or collectively, the individual is responsible for his/her actions, and God will be the One to hold that individual to account.
Compare to the stoning of the 14 year old girl who was raped and then stoned for adultery. The stoning was conducted by 50 individuals, witnessed by hundreds more who were doing the cheers. The entire setup suggested group responsibility, and therefore, the individual was not responsible. There was no individual responsibility. It then followed that the interviews I have listened to where the moderator asked a specific question of the muslim would be deferred to an imam for the interpretation. The one interviewed would not take responsibility for the answer.
Further, I have combined the philosophies of muslims and liberals as similar in outlook and note that even in the laws applied, note the lack of responsibility. The lady who spills hot coffee in her lap, held McDonalds responsible for the hot coffee, not herself for her handling of the cup. Lack of responsibility.
The origin of this country was rooted in individuals taking responsibility for themselves and with that burden came the other side of the coin – freedom. Christianity requires responsibility of the individual and the requisite gift is freedom. When one gives up responsibility to another, freedom is also relinquished.

This video is just too cute.

On the trip last week, I was in New York. The upstate area that is. I don’t like the city. Anyways, one of the reasons I never want to live up there again is the politicians who believe they can live my life better than I can. Example: the trash needs to be separated into the various types of plastic, paper, glass and if not done well enough, can be left on the curb.
Details like this are numerous and as such I found a sign interesting – “road work will begin Oct ** find an alternate route”.
Wow! Recognition that the person has ability to consider an alternative. What a concept!

Go to the ballot box and put an end to this abusive relationship. And let’s not hear any nonsense about letting the Democrats off if they promise to get counseling.

Read the rest.

Follow through and vote out the chaff.

I am now back from a long trip across the country to pick up a car and household items. During the visit, a realtor was invited to see the house and give an analysis of the potential sale. This realtor noted a wagon on the platform above the garage door. This wagon was an original Radio Flyer of which I have pictures of my sibling sitting in it new. The realtor exclaimed, “that’s an original Radio Flyer!” and I was silently thanking her for not describing it as an antique.

Lame Duck Thieves are announcing their plans.
Politicians are trying to fund the union pensions and add to SS by stealing from the efficient people who have saved and planned for their retirements.
let me repeat: STEALING from the efficient people who have saved and planned for their retirements.
These are thieves, not politicians. Jail, not office is the proper place for them.
Have I been unclear?

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