December 2010

I would be happy to accept the premise that the speaker offers, however, I don’t believe the politicians would be willing to give up their perks that the present system allows. Call me cynical, but why would a political animal in office and imbued with the attitude associated with that office give up the perks from big business and allow the population a chance at competitiveness? The political animal’s instincts would know that simplifying the tax code would reduce the power they have over the population and power over population is the only reason to have a tax code three times the size of the Bible. Also, I am reminded of consequences of missing taxes being harsher than that for murder – excepting if you were the head of the committee deciding tax law.
Compare this and this. Don’t forget our friend Charlie to see how they treat their own.
The point is to maintain control, not raise revenue and allow citizens to operate as they see fit. That is why this concept would be DOA in Washington. Consider how they treated the millions opposing obamacare. The goal was to increase control, not help the citizens or even follow the oath they swore upon taking office.


have left me with a bit more experience on medical procedures. Being on the receiving end that is. I have previously mentioned taking Norco for pain control and am glad to be able to reduce my dosage. Without pain med, my knee hurts. I have to think of the questions I do to all my patients: where does it hurt? On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being little pain and 10 being take me to the hospital, where is your pain level? How would you describe the pain? This last one receives many diverse replies, many of which don’t match my acceptable response list, but now that I’m on this side of the equation, let’s see. It’s about a 3 without pain medication and goes up to 5 or 6 when I have been walking about 20 min. As to the quality of pain, I guess ache with a bit of stab thrown in for good measure. This exercise is used to decide pain medication efficacy as well as pt response and comfort levels. This experience was due to moving many heavy objects in the early part of October and after a month of not being able to use the stairs, or leading exclusively with the left leg, I decided it was not going to better on its own. Medical attention needed. This is the point I am reminded of this cartoon.
My left knee had a similar problem about 10 years ago, with the addition that it was a total menesectomy where this one was a partial. I couldn’t put any weight on that leg and remember many details of the experience.
That time had three months off work, weeks of waiting for MRI, and then surgery. There was an aspiration a month post surgery and I found out that Darvocet was a friend. I mention this to say that this time was seen through the lens of experience. I could anticipate pain medicine with its side effects, moving with crutches, brace to the leg, pain and swelling at the site and the needle aspiration afterwards.
Once it was decided the meniscus was damaged, the initial consultation ended with the admonition that I let the doctor know if the leg either caught or started hurting worse. (it wasn’t as bad a rip as my previous) I had a chance to take a week to consider things and talked with some physical therapists and my insurance representative from work. This experience led me to understand that my leg wasn’t going to get better, and if I put off surgery until after the new year, I would have to pay the deductible again.
The decision was down to: I would have to get surgery and experience the pain, swelling, restricted movements, side effects of pain meds, and possibly aspiration. Being a nurse, I also knew about the intubation, IV, and surgery prep that was going to happen. The only difference that waiting would make is that I could experience a bad knee for a bit longer and pay another deductible.
This logic is applied to the country in a couple of places:
is a little flavor:
“Nothing favors Big Business like Big Government. The occasional forays against specific targets in the private sector — mostly, companies that have been slow to bend the knee when the State commanded it — are mere flea bites, compared to the many ways the legal environment has been biased toward giant businesses.” Read the rest.
Out the comments I will paraphrase. It’s going to hurt. Let’s get started. Waiting will only increase the deductible amount required to get to the other side of the procedure. Our country is headed into a financial meltdown driven by the political animals inhabiting each legislature in the country. These are being cheered on by their ideologically driven supporters as well as the businesses expecting to receive largess as long as it’s available. Well, we are out of other people’s money. Let’s begin.

From Self-defense: a basic human right

These lead to the last one:


I am near the end of this compelling book and recommend all read a copy. It is by John Taylor Gatto and the following section is from pg 382:
School curricula are like unwholesome economies. They don’t deal in basic industries of mind, but instead try to be “popular,” dealing in the light stuff in an effort to hold down rebellion. That’s why we can’t read Pain’s Common Sense anymore, often can’t read at all. Only one person in every sixteen, I’m told reads more than one book a year after graduation form high school. kids and teachers live day by day. That’s all you can do when you have a runaway inflation of expectations fueled by false promissory notes on the future issued by teachers and television and other mythmakers in our culture. In the inflationary economy of mass schooling–with its “A’s” and ogld stars and handshakes and trophies tied to nothing real–you cease to plan. You’re just happy to make it to the weekend.”
I read this and thought of the popular culture songs like “it’s five o-clock somewhere” where the singer can only get through the day thinking about a drink at the end. Or how about “working for the weekend” which I have heard in many quarters. I was even at fault in an assembly job where I decided to ruin my fellow workers’ day and announced, “Only 92 hours until the weekend.” This was met with a “shut up,” and cold stare.
In that job, I never felt so much like a robot. The same body movements were required every minute for the entire day. No thought was required. In his book, John Gatto made the point that to get a population to accept this kind of mindless labor, they had to be trained at an early age and also trained in the rewards required of that force behavior. The gold stars (I received a couple of those paper rewards) all start in school.
I was looking over headlines and ran across the thought that Big Government is required by Big Business. Which seemed like a timely thing to read.
Further into the book on page 385:
“But here is a warning: should we ever agree to honor the singularity of children which forced schooling contravenes, if we ever agree to set the minds of children free, we should understand they would make a world that would create and re-create itself exponentially, a world complex beyond the power of any group of managers to manage. Such free beings would have too be self-managing. And the future would never again be easily predictable.”
This is the exact reason the elites in power presently desire no personal accountability and growth. One responsible for themselves is less likely to be lead as a dhminni or lower caste which our feds are in the process of establishing.

I have had an improvement, as of this morning I made it through a night without pain medication. Yea. That’s not to say there was a good night’s sleep involved. However, the bridge has been crossed and improvement is on the horizon.
On a subject associated with the body part in question, I was asked multiple times about what the surgery would be and where it was. The surgeon even came in and initialed my leg with a sterile marker. A sterile marker, on an unsterile leg. I’m thinking a regular sharpie for a buck could have done the same job for a lot fewer dead presidents. Anyways, the nurse came back in and requested the surgery description again and I obliged her request with “right medial partial menesectomy.” This was met with “actual terminology,” and a surprised face. I always found using proper terminology with the medical folk, as a patient, causes an interesting reaction. I am reminded of a doctor who asked if my son had had any previous surgeries. I replied yes, an orchidoplexy. He paused for a moment, and I could almost see the wheels turn until he wrote something on the paper.

“I told them, ‘No, I’m not going to have my breasts felt,’ and she said, ‘Yes, you are,'” said Hirschkind.

When Hirschkind refused, she says that “the police actually pushed me to the floor, (and) handcuffed me. I was crying by then. They drug me 25 yards across the floor in front of the whole security.”
From here.
We are supposed to feel safer when citizens are treated in this fashion. Descriptions like this, I thought, were formerly reserved for the USSR. Continuing:
“The TSA did release a statement Wednesday that said in part, “Our officers are trained to treat all passengers with dignity and respect. Security is not optional.”
We are supposed to believe the stage show and intimidation of individuals. In reality:
“The videos, which have since been deleted, show that thousands of airport employees are allowed to skip security every day at San Francisco International Airport. Here’s the full report from the San Francisco ABC affiliate and the station that broke the story, News 10 in Sacramento.”
From here.
From the same report we see that it is not security, only a show they want and if anyone challenges it…
“Perhaps the most disturbing part of the report comes when aviation consultant Ron Wilson, a former SFO employee, admits on camera that the whistleblowing pilot is right. All a terrorist needs to do to penetrate security is to get an ID, which is relatively easy, he suggests.

“I still have mine,” he says, brandishing his old ID.

The pilot’s attorney, Don Werno, says the feds sent six people to the pilot’s house to send a message.

“And the message was you’ve angered us by telling the truth and by showing America that there are major security problems, despite the fact that we’ve spent billions of dollars allegedly to improve airline safety,” he told ABC.”
The additional links are available at the links. My point is this is to establish the dhimmitude of the population as the “leaders” are exempt from this kind of treatment. We are in the process of being trained in a new formation of culture that has an established caste and we are on the lower level. They want us to know – experience – our station. Think about that next time through the airport. Picture Pres 0 and Harry R, or Pelosi squeezing our “stuff”. That is the concluding picture that this year in congress allows.

I had a thought from last night, but was under the influence of Norco, so didn’t blog then.
There was a project I was trying to finish for spouseinbox and while being able to move, kept moving until last night when the knee was swollen and decided to yell enough that it couldn’t be ignored further.
There’s my explanation for not telling this sooner.
Kidinbox was over for Christmas and watching one of the Christmas shows about Santa. As related by spouseinbox, kidinbox noted that he would have to be asleep for Santa as the Santa tracker came on the tv and said Santa was close and to get to bed. He quickly lay down and noted, “I know it’s you two.” and lay down again. Sleep was fast coming, before the show even ended. Wow.
If only that could have been done years ago.
Spouseinbox and I were having a discussion about stocking issues from growing up and found a major disparity. I had permission to tear into the stocking and leave parents in bed, while spouseinbox had to wait for the parent pair to rise and observe the proceedings. As of this writing, the stockings are still intact and kidinbox is lying observing the proceedings as breakfast progresses.

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