January 2011

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Something to whet your appetite:
“That’s the key, folks. Twenty years ago, gaffes like Obama and his bunch are popping out almost daily would have never seen light of day. Today hardly a minute passes between screwup and nationwide dissemination. Make no mistake: The ruling elite HATE this. They LIKED having a compliant mainstream media that would bury stories antithetical to the goals of the regime. A free internet, even little silly things like this blog, they’re thousands of voices that did not have a forum, did NOT get exposure a mere few years ago. And they HATE us.”


Just in case any has noticed and wondered about the error, I have purposely left the capital off muslim. I consider the entire idea as encapsulated in the phrase: totalitarian tribal ideology. It isn’t a religion. It has a whitewash of religious symbols and garb, but is a tribal mindset designed to subjugate anyone not of the tribe and kill anyone who won’t yield. The best example of this kind of behavior in the western realm would be the gangs of Chicago. Their entire mindset is: are you one of us? If not, do you have anything that would assist expanding our cause? If not, are you going to get out of our way, or do we simply kill you? This is the activity of a bully and I accord them the same level of respect. I won’t even capitalize their name.

I’m on call this weekend. Simply, I work and keep the phone handy. It’s time to cut lumber, so “Good night, John boy.”

have one of those nights where sleep would not come.
Covers on.
Covers off.
Hold the knees.
Stretch out.

Sleep at last
(2 seconds)*

*(I’m sure that 2 seconds could have been timed.)

(From experience)

note the cartoon playing in the corner and consider the age where those graphics were used. Interesting that our children aren’t warned about this philosophy now, rather they are encouraged in its glory without knowing its price.

there was an interesting history:
“That malaise was caused by the US government moving past the inflection point on the LAffer curve both for taxation AND regulation of business. It started when Kennedy made it legal for public sector employees to unionize and this was followed by the great society fiasco of LBJ, Nixon’s creation of the EPA and the energy dept (or was that Carter) and miriad other taxes, and regs that were put in place. Its unwinding didn’t require more government investment and involvement like Sputnik and 9/11 and like Obama insists we need, but less, far less of it.

Carter began the move back down the laffers by introducing deregulation of telecoms and transport and other sectors, Reagan took a meat-axe to unions and taxes and shortly thereafter the economy roared back.

This new malaise has been caused by the compounding costs of the first malaise elements that were not removed – PS unions, welfare state entitlements, closed shop rules, etc. and added issues like the making illegal of redlining during the Carter administration (which begat the Fannie/Freddie debacle) and choke holds on commerce like the over-regulation of markets and environmental stewardship and a failure to rein in torte laws.

True to form Obama has misidentified both the nature of the crisis and its solutions.”

I don’t remember the initial history as I had not been even thought of at the time. However, I do remember Carter and one political cartoon in particular. It was a picture of Carter as a beat-up mouse with one finger in the air. He was being held in the grip of a cat – the ayatollah, who was looking over his shoulder with a scared face. Around the corner was a bull-dog with a spiked collar and Regan’s face. The caption read, “See, I told you it would turn out all right in the end.”
I remember my candy bars going from 0.13 to 0.21. That was quite a price jump for a kid. We also had to watch the gas and mileage.
Regan brought pride and possibility. Lower taxes – I could actually keep a bit of my own money. What a concept. Deductions were reduced, but it still felt better to pay a lower rate.
I worked in a nonunion shop later and learned about the interference of government in the manufacture of cars. Appeal by a manufacturer to the congress provided the impetus to require all vehicles to install safety devices – passive belts and airbags. Just the things the manufacturer happened to be able to produce. Where was the research about injuries of small adults? Omitted. The producers made out well. Also noted was the need to promote women and minorities in the plant. In fact, a white male almost could be guaranteed turned down because of the need to maintain government quotas.
I will skip ahead to home health that is a heavily regulated industry. The paperwork required to see a patient is incredible. Most of it has to be done in the office and has little to do with patient care. In other words, the company spends more time keeping the government happy than the patient treated. Home health is not alone. I did volunteer work, before becoming a nurse, in an obstetrics ward. There was a nurse there sitting at the desk writing. I interrupted her with a question, “so which do you spend more time doing? patient care or charting?” She eyed me for a moment and then replied, “do you even need to ask? If there is a legal question 10 years from now, they don’t care how comfortable the patient was, only what is on the page.”
Such is the state of health care, and that was before obummercare.
Back to philosophy – Ayn Rand had a great book “Philosophy, who needs it?” which described the philosophy of money. Basically, money is a representation of time. Individuals trade their time for money and then use that to barter for the production of someone else’s time. When a loan is made, the money given to the borrower is there because someone spent time to produce it. When government removes the money people produce, they are taking time from the individual in return for no time. The government produces nothing and as such cannot participate in barter. Note the beginning of the interview with Cris Cristie when the cop says “I’m a taxpayer.”
Cristie quickly notes, “No, you aren’t.” Taxes may have been taken from the cop, but his efforts are a result of removing the production from working individuals and giving it to him. There was no exchange of labor as in a free market system. Therefore, government reduces the wealth of a society by removing production from it, even when the employees of government are participating in commerce. There is not an addition of labor between parties. There is a reduction of one to allow the other. This is why a government stimulus will never work. The more government interferes in the society, the poorer the society becomes.

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