February 2011

This was under the previous article and I thought considering the ruckus in Wisconsin and other states, it was worth noting.
“You are exactly right of course.
Here is another point worth noting.
Europe before the French Revolution and after it as well, was governed by Kings with most wealth concentrated in the ‘nobility’ or aristocracy. So who were these nobles and/or aristocrats?
They were actually the favorites of the crown at some point in the past; the high level government officials who did such things as ruling provinces and being judges, and owning estates, with such privileges usually granted by the sovereign for past or present services.
In other words they were the ancient equivalent of high level civil servants today, along with their descendants.

There is a natural tendency that we see in the present administration for granting exceptional privileges to its friends and supporters. It seems that high level Democrat supporting officials are immune to punishment for transgressions, and granted salaries and perquisites well beyond what is available to the the rest of us.

In Wisconsin today one sees attempts to elevate the Democrat-favoring government unions to status immune from the democratic process, which is exactly equivalent to elevating its leaders to the status of aristocrats, in thanks for their support of the present governing party in Washington.

The justification they claim for this is apparently their claim to superiority because of their pure Marxist persuasion!”

Consider the congress critters who do things that would send me so far back in prison they would be pumping light to me, and walk “scott-free” if they even get some media attention for their misdeeds.


This was a link from a relative containing a good essay with analysis of Marx and his lack of reality.
Just a taste:
The point is the only possible justification for minimum wage IS the Marxist theory of value. The only possible justification for asking rich people to “give back” – which presumes they stole something to begin with – “to the community” is the Marxist theory of value. For that matter, the reason our schools treat truly smart kids (not what they call “gifted” which often just means “shuts up and does as told well.” ) as pariahs – because it takes them less effort and less time to accomplish what others take forever to do – is the Marxist theory of value.

Of course, read the rest.

I was listening to Lou Dobbs this afternoon and had to comment on a union caller. This individual thought that the way to solve the problems with their lack of finances was to add a 2 cent tax.
I got to thinking about a business. When I see a new advertisement, normally two things come to mind. 1) this is a new product which the company is trying to introduce to the market, or 2) the company is on hard times and is trying to get their name in the market to increase business. The non-advertising manners in which businesses act is to remove labor (layoffs, has anyone noticed? How could they be missed?)
decrease cost of their overhead – move, sell off excess inventory, reduce the profit margin to be more competitive with their market place.
In each case, the business is acting in their own interest to persuade more customers. In the union worker’s mind, government should simply extract more money from everyone.
Quite a contrast in mindset, I thought. Also, individually, people have had to consider their income limits and cut their lifestyles accordingly. Hello mister budget. Why should the government types be exempt from the same behavior?
I think it is past time for them. We have run out of other people’s money. Behave accordingly.

I was talking with my sibling and conversing about the cronyism shown in the credit cards issued with seal of the treasury department. Siblinginbox agreed it smelled like the normal payback Chicago politics, but had a more urgent concern. Consider the application of that card to one’s life. There would be a papertrail of purchases and then an applied profile of the individual who used it. Don’t think the feds would do something like that? Consider this.
“A federal watchdog later said a “casual” environment developed in which FBI agents and employees of the telecom companies treated Americans’ telephone records so cavalierly that one senior FBI counter-terrorism official said getting access to them was as easy as “having an ATM in your living room.”
Consider that Chuck Colson went to jail for 1 FBI file, Hildabest is now Secretary of State after obtaining 700. Look at their behavior at the declaration the obammacare law is unconstitutional:
“Also, it should be noted that a few commentators have considered the failure of the anti-Obamacare forces to obtain an injunction against the act as some kind of victory. It really isn’t. Instead the court reasoned that a judgment declaring the law to be unconstitutional is sufficient relief to the plaintiffs because “there is a long-standing presumption that officials of the Executive Branch will adhere to the law as declared by the court. As a result, the declaratory judgment is the functional equivalent of an injunction.” (internal quotation marks removed.) In other words, he felt that the Federal Government would try to obey the law without the court formally ordering its obedience. But believe you me, if the Obama administration ignores this ruling, the court can and certainly will revisit the matter and issue an injunction.”
Which led to:
“Despite Judge Roger Vinson’s ruling which declared health care reform law unconstitutional, the White House promised on Monday to continue with the full implementation of President Obama’s signature health care reform law.”
The declaration of a judge won’t stand if it is in opposition to their will. If that is their attitude, how secure are your private records in their possession?

The application of commerce in the market is simply the consumer getting the best application of price to value for his money. People shop for clothes, cars, food, entertainment, etc. Business owners shop as well.
Business owners shop for the best amount of labor for the price possible to pay that labor. There is a certain price one can charge for mowing a lawn. That price has to cover the gas in the mower, the upkeep of the mower, and the time that the worker spends doing the labor.
Imagine the cost of gas increases by double. The business has a few choices: lose money and if the increase is over the profit margin the job has, eventually go out of business, decrease profit margin if the cost is within the profit margin, change to a manual push mower if the employee is up to the task, try to lower the cost of operating the mower by shutting it down earlier, ask the employee to take a pay cut and keep a job, do more work with the weed eater if that is more cost effective. increase the price for the job on the consumer.
In no case will there be no effect when the cost of an essential operating item is increased. The same is applied to labor costs.
When a business incurs an increase in labor cost, the management considers the exact same considerations, and behaves in the most advantageous manner to keep the business running. At least that is the theory. If an owner wants to lose money, that owner can ignore facts of limited resources and the consequences will follow. This thought could easily lead me politically to Washington, but I’m going to do my best to refrain, and keep on the thought of labor.
A job has a certain amount of price allotted to it and when the political forces increase that price over the market possibility, another possibility enters – illegal work. These are individuals doing “the work our citizens won’t do,” which I believe a misnomer. I think it is more accurate to say “the work that is priced to high for our citizens to do.”
I am arguing that the minimum wage is an artificial external force on the business requiring a cost above what the job actually is worth. When this happens, finding another individual to do the job at market wages is illegal, and possible. Possible for about 12 million individuals.
They are not doing jobs our citizens won’t do, they are doing the jobs priced below what the government requires to be paid, and the market has responded with an illegal solution to the problem government created by the minimum wage law.
Remove the minimum wage law, and market forces will again adjust to whatever the local economic system dictates.

Spouseinbox and I were up in a neighboring city where we met with some relatives through today. One topic that was mentioned was from the in-law who works in a retail facility. Apparently, there was a car that pulled up the other day, the door opened and a lady exited while taking a moment to undo her white cane.
Yes, the white cane with the red tip.
This same individual entered the store, purchased a few items, and then requested one of the helpers to place them on her passenger side seat so that she would not sit on them as she couldn’t see them there.
This same individual went back to the car, folded up the cane, closed the door and drove away.
Be careful out there.

Here I go again with the object being the weather channel. Let me check my definitions:
   /n. ˈɪmpækt; v. ɪmˈpækt/ Show Spelled[n. im-pakt; v. im-pakt] Show IPA
the striking of one thing against another; forceful contact; collision: The impact of the colliding cars broke the windshield.
an impinging: the impact of light on the eye.
influence; effect: the impact of Einstein on modern physics.
an impacting; forcible impinging: the tremendous impact of the shot.
the force exerted by a new idea, concept, technology, or ideology: the impact of the industrial revolution.

Now let me double check effect
1   /əˈfɛktɪd/ Show Spelled[uh-fek-tid] Show IPA
acted upon; influenced.
influenced in a harmful way; impaired, harmed, or attacked, as by climate or disease.
(of the mind or feelings) impressed; moved; touched: She was deeply affected by their generosity.
Both from here.

I was just wondering when weather had collided with someone. How about “striking back”? That supposes it was struck in the first place. How does one strike weather?
Maybe the weather channel could speak about the weather affecting the behavior of individuals. That would be more accurate.

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