March 2011

of advertisements. There was a commercial of weight loss product followed by a baking contest with a wonderfully decorated cupcake. I guess the one feeds the other…


Yesterday, I noted on the radio show the mention that pres 0 might be creating a caliphate. I just had to note the blog on that subject on the 24th. It’s kind of cool beating the maha rushie. Though I don’t have an audience like his, I can still enjoy the moment. 🙂

I have heard a bunch from media types in the past few weeks about the budding democracy in Egypt. The thought is always presented in a positive light as if democracy is the ideal for which societies should strive. I disagree. This reminds me of a small exchange I had with a professor in college. “I noticed the textbook is labeled ‘American Democracy’, but we have a Republic.”
Prof: “We’ll talk about that.”
End result: it was never mentioned.
The idea of doing the will of the people is touted as the best a government can do for its citizens, and as such the democratic presentation is the best form that it can take.
I will grant that the citizens in this country can vote, however, citizens have few direct contacts with legislation, excepting an occasional ballot initiative, which if passed overwhelmingly and not liked by a particular judge will be overturned – democracy?
The application of democracy is the formation of a mob rule. It is three wolves and one sheep deciding what is for dinner. Doubt that? How many reports of the rights of Egyptian Christians have been reported? The country is mostly muslim, and as such has an ideology demanding adherence to islam or death or slavery. Has a single news station touted the need for equal rights in Egypt for the Christian minority?
This is where democracy breaks down. Mob rule reduces the culpability of any particular agent and the end is a group without any responsibility for their actions. What is an individual capable of doing if there is no responsibility? How about stoning a 14 year old girl who had the misfortune of being raped and then because technically she had sex before marriage, had committed adultery and deserved to die in a most horrible fashion. Where is the responsibility? Any word about the male who committed the original act? If only this was a single horrid act. This is the standard mode of operation for this mentality.
This country wasn’t founded as a democracy precisely because the founders understood the results of the same. We have a representative republic which requires responsibility on part of the citizens to maintain account of their representatives. The lack of account is showing in our sorry national state. How much more if the citizens were required to view and decide on each legislation as a democracy is truly designed to do? The republic also has the benefit, when properly applied, of making the minorities protected whereas democracy targets them.
Everyone is given freedom of speech in this country. It can be argued the extent and application of political correctness holding sway in certain quarters, but the first amendment still stands that someone with a minority view has the legal ability to state their opinion. Not so in a true democracy. The winning side gets the goods and losers get the spoils. Remember the minority in Egypt? What was really done for the church attacked at the beginning of the year with 54 dead? A little show of investigation and nothing more as the majority is muslim and allowed to treat any other as slaves. This is the application of democracy and the reason that region doesn’t need one.

I mowed the lawn and sprayed weed killer, spouseinbox worked on a power point for Wednesday service. I didn’t even think about the liar in chief’s comments until sitting down at the computer a few moments ago. This led me to wonder what other activities were more praiseworthy than spending time listening to someone lie to us.
To be as clear as possible, I told siblinginbox that if pres 0 told me the sun rose in the east, I would have to check for evidence. I want to be as clear as possible my anticipation of what emanates from the oral orifice of pres 0 (zero).
Let’s see, there is baking, cleaning dishes, changing diapers, doing homework, playing on the trampoline, texting relatives, putting gas in the car, watching Walton’s on TV, mowing the lawn, spraying weed killer, contemplating financial status. I guess the list is nearly endless. I would even put in cleaning toilets as that activity would get rid of grime in my life as opposed to wallowing in it for however many minutes the speech took. Did I mention having an opinion about the speech tonight?
In case any find this offensive, consider that I am providing more respect for pres 0 than the left did for President Bush. Remember the poster of the ape defecating on his head, or the movie about assassination? If you don’t like my opinion, you are free to leave. That is the joy of the first amendment. If you don’t like the first amendment, buy a one-way ticket to Riyadh and try it there.

This afternoon, spouseinbox and I were in the local megagrocery store. Apparently most of the town had the same idea creating quite a sensation of dodging carts, sneaking around end caps and searching in vain for signs of the desired items. By the way, there are no driver’s licenses for carts, not that I want to give some bureaucrat an idea, but there are also no requirements of ability to control the cart. That may be a blog for another day. Back to the thought at hand. In the middle of dodging and searching, a church member passed and noted that this is where the church service in the morning is tested.

From here.

Here is a taste:
“We were talking about Libya. And you can lump Egypt and Yemen and Bahrain and anybody else in the area in the same bag. There’s only ONE goal, and that’s to take the strong guy who’s currently stealing stuff and running things HIS way, and replacing him with YOUR strong guy who will steal and run things YOUR way. Do you honestly think that freedom speech, religion and press is going to flourish in lands where half the population is willing to listen to the ravings of a semi-literate mullah and the other half of the population is scared that the first half is gonna go off the deep end and start hacking off heads if things don’t line up with the mullah du jour?”

Remember, this is the area where Egypt has 91% of the women mutilated in a particular area. I have not heard if the remainder of that area maintains the same percentage. They are not your protestant-of-another-denomination down the street with whom you disagree between sprinkling vs immersion.

As they say: read the rest.

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