May 2011

Through the study of evolution, students are instructed on the manners that various organisms have to survive in the environments where they live. Weapons grow on the extremities of some, body size takes care of others, camouflage covers others. Ants have little defense except their population. They maintain their presence by their sheer numbers and ability to multiply. To take out a single colony won’t ruin the population as there are a billion more – as seen in yards here in west Texas, they keep coming back. I used to regularly spray for ants at a former residence and had to do so every two to three weeks, just to keep them away from my perimeter. They are easy to crush, but near impossible to remove.
This is the formation of the liberal mindset. Those of that philosophy have tried to multiply through academia and media to the point that removing one has no effect on the population at large. They just keep multiplying and infesting more corners.
The advent of our pres 0 has been seen as an anomaly as he had no experience and sketchy credentials along with poor associates. These problems were whitewashed through the accomplices in the media (Main Stream Propagandists) and allowed his ascendance. There have been articles postulating the grooming of this Marxist for this job and wonder at how the ladder climb was accomplished. I postulate that this was simply the ant of the moment and the philosophy of liberals – Marxism – is trying to produce enough ants to allow one to rise to the top. In other words, if not him, it would have been another of a similar bent, and the same MSP would have provided the same cover as they did for him.
There is nothing special about this Marxist. It is the philosophy espoused and implemented where the real battle needs to take place.


Where the West sees journalism as freedom, the enemy sees journalism as a weapon. Sometimes literally.

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On just the singular thought here, journalism is a weapon of mass mal-instruction, an excellent propaganda tool leaving the population without a good means of finding truth. That reason alone is the purpose for the government wanting to silence the internet.

Yesterday, the box crew was traveling to a restaurant for supper. There were two lanes going each direction and in the rear view mirror I observed flashing lights of the colors that indicated I needed to pull to the right and stop. Now, behind me was an SUV and there were two other vehicles in the lane to my left. As I slowed with blinker on and pulled to the right, the SUV behind me put on her left blinker and made the initial gesture of pulling to the left land – right in front of the police car.
*Hello!* Those lights used to mean something.
As the police car moved closer, I also noted the sound of a siren, so the two vehicles in the left lane kept moving forward well into the next block with a police car behind them with lights and siren going. They finally pulled over and let by the cop who proceeded to go through the intersection another block later – and there’s a story about this intersection as well. This was several moons ago, but since I’m on the subject – there are three lanes at this intersection: the left one labeled “left turn only”, the middle one with a straight arrow, and the right lane labeled “right turn only.” I was planning to go straight through the intersection and chose the appropriate middle lane. The light had just turned red, so I stopped as trained by parents, driver’s ed, etc. Once stopped (remember the light is red) a truck passed me on the left going straight followed by another passing me on the right and going straight.
Considering these incidents, it has occurred to me that there is a general lack of respect for the rule of law. Actions like these are (according to my thoughts) performed by those on the lower end of the economic scale and illustrate that lack of respect whereas at the top end of the economic scale are examples of Pres 0 who I heard on TV in Poland giving a speech. I will take kudos for keeping quiet at the time as I was in a visit, but it was a massive injection of self-control not to yell at the image of our obammanator telling the Poles that he was restricted by laws and could only follow what they dictated. He would try to influence the congress, but he was not free in his actions. Dare I recount a few (there aren’t enough electrons for unabridged) examples: czars appointed and paid for by taxpayers without any review of congress, lack of enforcement of our borders, TSA groping, shakedown of BP post oil spill, violations of the Hatch act, partial cooperation of FIOA with supporters and lack of cooperation with opponents, starting a war without congressional information let alone approval and then telling congress that none is needed. That’s just a sprinkling off the top of my head. Throw congress in and there is Rangel who commits 11 counts of tax fraud (I’m lumping, go get the details elsewhere) and keeps his seat in congress. Where would any of us be?
How about the Black Panthers? They have been instructed by experience that voter intimidation is acceptable with the appropriate amount of melanin.
How many counties have more votes than registered voters?
It seems easy to look at these in authority who violate laws and point, but how different is the basic attitude with those lower in the political food chain?
It is obvious when politicians violate laws they foist on the population and we as population have little ability to apply the law to them. Law applied to the population is a mix of those caught in violation mixed with those caught as a result of political intent. Up to the point of being caught violating a law, actions continue with the specter of permission as there was none there to stop or punish the action. Having a lack of enforcement available makes it easy for those in authority to act according to their whim. The limited enforcement makes it difficult to punish law breakers through the population.
That mentioned, I wanted to ask an interpretive question. Is there any difference between the politicians violating their own laws and the citizen violating the laws?
Granted, it would seem more egregious for the politician as they were to be more careful of the charge they were given, but both characters illustrate a lack of respect for law and when society follows this path, there is no good end.

I was talking with spouseinbox over lunch noting that his last book in the Chronicles of Narnia-The Last Battle- had a section where the king realizes that he is living in the last times and responds accordingly with all of the chaos surrounding him. Spouseinbox had not read the book and I tried to explain the picture that was presented being a donkey who was talked into wearing an old skin of a lion and pretending to be Aslan – the king. (This is an allusion to Revelation of the antichrist and the false prophet.)
Spouseinbox – “so CS Lewis is saying that the antichrist will be a democrat.”

We had a new visitor in the fireplace yesterday. Mominbox called me at work to inform me that there was noise in the living room, and on investigation, she saw this:

I caught it with a bed sheet and let it go outside. That makes three critters in our fireplace this Spring. The flue is now closed.

But this seemed to be directed at someone who has no idea what was paid…
“Dear [individual from whom we received a bunch of money],
As the owner of the {bug mobile}, this offer is exclusively available to you…
The current pre-owned market has seen an average of 11% increase in value which means your vehicle has never been worth more.
Managers at authorized cash buy-out locations have been instructed to purchase all used vehicles at their original purchase price.* (note that the * indicates “All values based on NADA MSRP less 30 cents a mile and reconditioning. See dealer for details.)
For anyone with a smidgeon of mathematical sense, that last line kills the deal. But let’s play for a moment. Say that this car was purchased new and was $30,000. We have driven about 20,000 miles per year and paid off the car early. So the price of the car has already been reduced by $9000, just for mileage. Don’t forget that the car value they use has nothing to do with the amount paid for said car. NADA is their benchmark. Let’s see what they say. The NADA only showed the current value which was $10000 less than purchase. In other words, this entire letter puts the price the same as NADA trade in value. No deal at all.
Also note the phrase “your vehicle has never been worth more.” Umm. Yes it has. I bought it when it was worth 10K more than its value now, so it was worth more. That $10K bought three years of driving and 60K miles and if this car lasts like the Mazda I drive, we’ll be doing far better than 30 cents per mile. The Mazda has over 300K miles.

Many years ago, let’s say over a couple of decades, I quit business with a certain bank where an account tried to bud during my adolescent years. Bud is as far as this account was able to go, and I snipped it off when going to college. (My entire balance at the time was in the neighborhood of $7.) That was most of my dealings with the institution until a few years ago when I had to take care of family business twice.
It is my guess that the last family business alerted this bank of my presence and entitled me to receive an invitation to “measure mail delivery.” The US Postal Service has contracted [Bumble Bank] to independently measure mail delivery. They want to continue to make service to their customers as consistent, accurate, and timely as possible.”
The letter goes on to invite those with internet access and receipt of mail on a daily basis to be a reporter of when the mail arrives.
I use a PO Box to maintain anonymity and safety and go out front only on occasion to remove the advertisements that might have accumulated. Sorry.
As for the mail service, I will have to compliment them on getting the mail to me faithfully. There is a certain counter worker I like to see as very pleasant interaction is the usual result.
Aside from those, I note that the Postal Service is run by a government union and as such they are not as subject to the market as something like a Fed Ex. There was a worker in a former life whose spouse worked for the Post Office. I asked him how much she paid for her job and he got really offended. Let’s be honest, if one cannot work there without paying a union, one is paying for their job. Simple. His later comment was that he enjoyed postal hikes as every time one occurred, she got a raise.
Now the rates are high enough that people are doing their best to ship, send, type, and communicate by electronic means leaving the Post Office with a lower revenue and wondering how to increase it.
Customer service? Hmmm. Yes, that is one aspect that may invite change in behavior as there is a certain counter worker I like to see as this worker makes the transaction pleasant. However, when it comes to the budget, I will still use the e-mail.
Appearance? Hmmm. Well, they can look good, but that still doesn’t change the amount I have of disposable income to pay for moving this piece of paper from here to there.
Cost? This one is where a governmental system always breaks down. When a business is running short of customers what do they do? Have a sale. What a concept. Imagine if the Post Office did the same. What change in behavior would accrue? Would they then need to have “mail reporters”? I think not.

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