I read a book some time ago and looked up associated information online as the book was an intriguing analysis of breast cancer and the causal agent being bras. I can hear all the cringing and fussing already, but if you are still with me consider their argument. Lymphatic channels are a one-way system that take the debris from the cells out through the superior vena cava which eventually gets flushed through the kidneys. Besides the debris, there are also toxins and cellular waste that are removed by this system. The location of these channels are very much surface oriented with only body movement as the source of flow for the contents. Because of their location and lack of force to move contents, it is easy to occlude these vessels and maintain the contents in the tissues instead of removing the contents per design. Yes, the bra is the pressure agent maintaining the wastes and toxins in the tissues of the breast and after that point, all the other observations – family heritage, nutrition, general health, etc apply. The book argues that if the bra were removed, the body would function as designed, and reduce cancer. The authors noted in societies where bras are not known, cancer is almost extinct. For any interested, the book is “Dressed to Kill.”
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Now, for the sake of mind play, let’s say that I have been appointed the director of Health and Human Services. Congress has just given me a blank slate to decide how to best approach the health of the nation and whatever I say has the force of law. Also, realize that I have not been elected, so the decisions I make cannot be addressed by the population being effected by them. I cannot be voted out of office. Bras have a negative effect on the body and potential to cause cancer charging the system with costs for chemotherapy and surgery, therefore bra wearing needs to be discouraged. (hear certain male voices shout- hear, hear) As director with the force of law, I now declare that anyone wearing a bra must pay a health tax of 100% of purchase price, plus allow only mastectomy with 5FU chemotherapy – only – should a lump be found at any required annual physical. Any other health care must be paid cash – in Great Britain. The mobs will yell, but realize that without election, there can be no consequence for the giver of this edict. (side note – isn’t that why dictatorships change at the point of a gun?)
The population needs to “get over it” and begin to be used to saggy front sides like were seen before the advent of the bra in the early 1900’s. We’re just going back to the “good old days.” I can hear the adverts now. Bras have a cancer producing association greater than cigarettes to lung cancer. Pictures of metastasized breast are required to be placed on each bra tag covering at least 1/2 of the space.
Children in school will have to take a class – or have the subject mentioned at least 10 times per month that bras cause breast cancer, and the saggy boob is beautiful. (While all the breasts in Health and Human Services are held with push-up quality.)
Let’s close the mind game. I have demonstrated the reason all these bureaucracies need to be closed. The same idea can be applied to department of energy, education, health, TSA, and any of the myriad groups of unelected individuals who have been given permission to tell us how to run our lives under the protection of unaccountability and exemption from their own rules.