July 2011

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I am feeling fairly good today as a big step has been completed. Starting in January, I began lyrics on the story of Samson. 14 songs have been finished lyric-wise this morning. The entire story has been converted to lyrics, and the next step is to write music for them. I’m still feeling a bit intimidated, but it’s been since January, and I’m this far, so why not a few more months to finish it? Old altered sentiment: a journey of 14 songs begins with a single note.

I went to a store this afternoon seeking a particular part. My optic retinas were blessed with a 90% view of someone’s underwear. The pants were worn half way down the thighs and I was wondering what the point of wearing pants was when the underwear was all that was covering where the pants were suppose to be. I guess maybe to cover the knees. Yes, that must be it. No suntan for the knees.

Dear sir: I am writing initially to thank you for support of cut, cap, and balance. I want to note that one congress cannot force another to behave in a certain manner, therefore, no future budget cuts will mean anything. The only cuts that produce any effect are those applied now. When I mean cuts, let my apply heartland vocabulary and state clearly this means not spending as much as last year. The rate of growth needs to be negative. Until that point, government is growing and removing the means of prosperity from us. Next, there are weapons the president has been using which can be removed by eliminating the departments of energy, education, environment – for starters. This country functioned well before they were implemented and can do so when they are removed. Let the states control their own selves. That was the design of the Constitution. Further there is a 10th amendment which has been all but ignored along with the 4th. Removing the agencies responsible for ignoring our constitutional rights will gain a phenomenal amount of ground in allowing business to start again and keep the federal power in check. It will also reduce the expenditures of the federal government allowing it to begin to function within its means. Lastly, the framers of our Constitution knew that states needed representation in the federal government and provided the senate for that purpose. The representation of the states was removed post civil war era and we see the need to remove the 17th amendment and allow states to have representation again.

Good morning from Texas. I know it has been a piece since I have blogged last, but to say we have been busy is to place an understatement. Mominbox has a house in another state which has been empty of physical presence for most of the year and our crew went up and cleaned out the premises. Besides the physically tiring activity of picking up furniture and boxes, there was the emotional aspect of looking at pieces of childhood and having to send them into the dumpster. Let’s just say we were walking through a time capsule and had to get rid of most of it. Pictures were taken – they take up much less space. We arrived a bit before 2200 last night and I’m posting this note a few minutes before leaving for work. Now that we are back to work, maybe we can rest a bit.

We are getting ready for an airplane flight a couple of thousand miles. It occurred to me that mom and dad – when traveling long ago – went in dress and suit and tie. We are adorned with t-shirts, no belt, sandles, and pants. Definitely the degeneration of travel dress. Just sayin’.

I found this site and have decided to add it to the link list.

“So, those droves of people moving to Texas: they’re coming here looking for work. Not all are finding it right away, of course, which drives up the Texas unemployment rate, but Texas has created more new private sector jobs than all other 49 states over the past decade.”
Of course, read the rest.

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