August 2011

When I receive comments like the following sent back to back, it’s rather obvious you need to reset your automated commenter. I occasionally check the spam and clean out the filter basket and the following was in today’s set:

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Next time, try a bit more originality, or how about actually reading the posts. Never mind, that’s not your style.


and decided to place a few thoughts for our representatives. Here are the initial thoughts before specific editing that will go to each individual:

Dear Sir:
I am writing to you concerning a truth ignored by the main stream propagandists and never mentioned by the political class. That is: nature abhors a vacuum. This is true in physics as well as in society. A vacuum is created when the container encompasses a greater volume than the internal contents can fill. That additional space “draws” on additional material to fill what lacks. Otherwise stated, the pressure on the system from the outside will force material into the empty spaces within, unless stopped by an adequate barrier.
Socially speaking, this phenomenon is seen in prohibition, the “drug war”, and illegal immigration which made/make an artificial vacuum on certain activities. The fact the activity continues is testament to the barrier not being adequate, or faulty in concept as the adoption of the 21st amendment admitted.
Another vacuum is in illegal labor. This is caused by the barrier of the minimum wage. This concept is false and based on the Marxist idea that all work is equal. Work is different in value to both the laborer, and the owner. The laborer may pick a task for pure enjoyment of that task which allows a pay scale below that of one doing the work strictly for the monetary compensation. A burger flipper is not the same as a heart surgeon, which is not the same as a street sweeper, or lab assistant. The existence of the minimum wage law provides an artificial barrier encouraging the outside pressure of illegal immigration. These workers fill in the gaps forced by the law’s existence. Let employers pay what workers will accept for any particular job, and notice the difference that the market produces in the flow of illegals as native individuals occupy those gaps. It is not that we don’t have workers to fill the jobs, we just don’t have workers to fill the jobs at those wages. Regulation has put many employers in the position of having to stay in business with illegal market level wages, or go out of business in this country. Larger corporations have used their size to perform this same task by moving production to favorably priced labor markets, and maintaining sales here. Removal of regulations hampering businesses and allowing the market to operate will fix a multitude of problems that minimum wage and business over-regulation has caused. So in closing, let me reiterate my perspective is that the government has caused the immigration problem by application of minimum wage, excessive regulation of business, and lack of border enforcement. With that prescription, the treatment is easy to identify.

I found this video and it reminded me of an incident with dad many moons ago.
He had taken siblinginbox and I out deep-sea fishing and had both embarrassing and wonderful success. Several subsequent meals were the result of his catch. The manner of obtaining one’s catch involved waiting for the opportune moment and slowly reeling in the line until the fish could be seen at the surface. The deck hand would then grab a pole with hook at the end, grab the fish with the hook and bring it on board. There was, of course, a period of waiting time until the deck hand arrived as there were many of us, and only 2-3 of them. One unfortunate fellow had a beautiful cod – I would say about 36″ long waiting for the deck hand and ended up with a 36″ fish with a half-moon out of its back as a 4′ shark swam by and helped himself to a snack.

I am providing an excerpt from down the page. I could not get the link to the specific section – sorry.
From here:
“K.D. has an especially interesting post today wherein he echoes my sentiments about the paradigm of children and familial bonds being the proper retirement planning dynamic. He also, much to my surprise, holds forth on the importance of church communities and how in the post-collapse paradigm, it will likely be church groups that facilitate the early support framework and defense network. I don’t think that K.D. is a religious man himself, but he is able to see the dynamics. I agree. If you aren’t completely certain that your church isn’t its own de facto militia unit, then you’re going to the wrong church. And don’t let them manipulate you into thinking that “militia” is a dirty word. It isn’t. It is a core tenet of our Constitutional Republic and of free society in general. The Second Amendment states that militias are “necessary to the security of a free State”. N.E.C.E.S.S.A.R.Y. Not only that, but if you show up at a church after the collapse filled with helpless metrosexual men and you are armed, they are going to expect you to take care of them. Think long and hard before putting yourself in that position. Now do you see why the Obama regime is doing everything it can to cast Christians as terrorists? They know that it will be the orthodox Christian church communities that form the backbone of the resistance. This is also why one of the first groups to be exterminated by Marxists are the orthodox clergy. They think that if they can kill the “shepherds” that they will scatter the flock. The Marxist so-called Christians will be kept around for a while to continue their service to the regime as “useful idiots”.

Of course, read the rest.

Good morning from West Texas. I am here to announce the second song of the set for Samson is finished. Yea! That only leaves 12 more to write. Also, I have been working on a screen and have a pvc frame that works. This will allow the projector to reside behind the screen so we (spouseinbox and I) can do the music in front of the images without concern of shadow. As for the screen, the material was found on e-bay at about 160 dollars. This seemed quite excessive. I searched on the subject and discovered the next possibility was to take and weave wax paper. Oh, don’t forget to iron the paper.(Ike!) Lastly, I found a note that a group used frosted shower curtain. This seemed to be the cost level I was seeking. My only drawback with this design is the folds which have eased, but not disappeared. On the whole, considering the cost, we have done well.
As for the songs, I have tried to work with the story as closely as possible within the constraints of a duet. So, technically, Delilah has a man to come in and cut the hair. We don’t have that option.

From here.
I was looking a bit left and right and thinking “oh, stink.”

I had to stop earlier in the weekend before linking the thought I was having to the wider implications I have noted. Consider the timeframe mentioned. Early 70’s. That is when the halloween candy went from neighbor’s cookies and popcorn balls to prepackaged items that could be scanned – which was offered later. This was also the timeframe for the cyanide in the Tylenol bottle allowing us the privilege of opening several layers of packaging now to get to the pills. This was the time of Vietnam protests, the initial push of feminism, the legalization of killing babies and I note that with the “sexual revolution” and advancement of “women’s rights”, the safety and freedom of children was lost.
How many parents now can say without a second thought, “go and play and come back when I ring the bell”?
How many kids can fight in the back of the car knowing there would be a few minutes before home to try and talk parents out of the consequence? We have a generation who will never know how to judge risk, not be able to internalize the action with the potential consequence since the consequences have been blunted or removed. I can still remember kidinbox’s face the first time the bottom hit the floor without a diaper in place. The mix of shock, bewilderment, pain, and disbelief were palpable in a two-year old equivalent of the rioting spoiled residents of Greece. All the other times the kid’s bottom hit the floor, there was padding to minimize the blow. Once removed, the action occurred with unexpected results – results closer to reality which weren’t pleasant. The child learned quickly that plopping on the floor was an activity to be avoided, and adjusted the sit-down procedure accordingly.
I am one to advocate removing the diaper the government has been trying to place on our society and allow those who want to plop the privilege of feeling the discomfort so that they won’t do it again. Skinned knees are a training ground as well. Stop removing real education.

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