Good morning from my box out West.  There was a caller in to the radio the other day who received quite a decent reception.  This called identified herself as a TSA agent and was treated with the premise that she was simply doing her job and in a tough position.  I thought the radio host was very gracious – much more than I would have been given similar circumstances.  This caller made a statement which stuck out in my mind – the goal of the TSA is to get 100% of the passengers to go through their machines.  They then spent a moment discussing the two types of waves – micro, and radiation which were used in the units and how safe the comparative units were.  The agent mentioned that the radio wave units were supposed to be safe for anyone all day, every day, and that was what they had at her airport.  Further, they as TSA were trying their best to get the time through machine as quick as possible to make it as efficient as possible a line.  Let me just note the carrot and the stick – take this nudie-scan and the line will move reasonably quickly.  Take the other line, and we will feel your genitalia.

Many moons ago, our family took a trip to Israel.  I was seven at the time and very much a seven-year-old.  Anyways, I will skip tales of that and go to the bus driver. Our trip was the year before the Yom Kippur War and as such, had Jewish control over many areas and Arab control over others.  For the bus driver to go from the Jewish side to the Arab side, he was forced to go into a booth and have a strip-search.  We didn’t see this procedure, of course, but the description did get passed through the bus as we were waiting for our driver to return.  Why strip search?  To provide humiliation, to force the impression that your enemy is the one in control, to give the false impression of security while providing none of the same.  It has occurred to me that this is exactly the mission of the TSA.  To provide humiliation of the population who want to fly while exempting those in government office, to make our lives as miserable as possible in violation of constitutional rights (4th and 5th amendments) to provide a false sense of security which doesn’t actually exist.  This is to put into life experience the impression that government is in control, not the citizen, the inverse of our founders.  Show me a flight saved by the TSA.  I know of three that were saved by the passengers.  We as passengers value our own hide.  I will do my own profiling, thank you very much.  And the TSA can be disbanded.