January 2012

It seems imprudent to trust one’s personal information and financial data to a guy dressed in a green dress with a spiked hat standing beside the street waving at cars.


The Social Security administration was started in 1939 if memory serves me and was bullied through because it was entirely unconstitutional.  Period.  That said, I believe there were several additional purposes to it: dependency, marking every individual and making them apparent to the government, and vote buying.  “If you support me, I will take care of you.”  This has been placed on steroids in the past decades to the point that most of the conscious population knows we are out of money to support any of the entitlements any more.  Now the problem: how do you tell the couch potato to get back to work, especially when the government is in the way of starting or expanding businesses?  Again, government is the problem by starting an unsustainable program and then inhibiting the solution available in the private sector.

It might pass all right for a slightly overweight 5-year-old to wear a shirt claiming “lil flying bird”, but the same phrase really doesn’t work on an adult  3X shirt… just saying.

There was a show on PBS many moons ago entitled “connections.”  I liked the show.  The one thing I remember from it was the path from Napoleon’s army to German beer, to Florida malaria, to modern refrigeration.

Last night I was informed that we were out of bread.  That is a minor inconvenience as we have a bread machine which provides for the need and allows many flavors with just the choice of recipe and addition of ingredients.  That chore was accomplished last night and timer set for the morning.


This morning during sit-ups, my nose was happily awakened to the fact that the bread had indeed worked as promised.

This is the appearance of the item providing the aroma to my olfactory sense.  I took a knife to the finished product and sliced a piece to show off to spouseinbox who suggested french toast.  Cool idea.  I haven’t had that in quite a while.  I went back to the kitchen, mixed egg, milk, salt, cinnamon, nutmeg and butter in the pan to get the following:

This received a coating of Vermont Maple Syrup – the real stuff – and awaited my palate.  Yum.  That’s how being out of bread ended up becoming french toast.


(You will notice I didn’t capitalize french.  I still haven’t forgiven them for wanting to dig up our soldiers who fought for their freedom in WWII.)

This one from mostlycajun had that instant reaction:

1784 – Ben Franklin expresses unhappiness over eagle as America’s symbol. Ben wanted the wild turkey. Today I’d tender a suggestion that it be the blood-sucking tick.

I hope that’s not insulting the ticks…

Siblinginbox noted a post over a the lawdogfiles.blogspot.com.  I had to remember my occurrence many moons ago – before nursing became my profession.  I was sick.  That’s the easiest description.  I was sick enough to seek some assistance and was informed that a shot was needed to get the medicine working ASAP, followed by oral antibiotics.  This seemed reasonable and after a few minutes, the nurse entered.  I was instructed to roll and drop the cloth coverings of my back side.  I was ready for this at this point and had previously learned to point the toes and push down the heels which I was instructed would make it hard to contract the gluteal muscles and a much easier shot.  I was concentrating on this procedure and about half way through the injection had my concentration broken by a voice asking, “Is it burning yet?” “Uhh, no.”

(Thinking) – “isn’t that something she should have told me before sticking a needle in my rear?”

Well, I was instructed to sit in the waiting room for half an hour to ascertain if the medication would produce any side effect requiring intervention.  It was at this point that my best description became – sitting on a camp fire.  I will grant Law Dog had a more descriptive presentation, but that was as accurate as I could be with the experience.

I understand it was Thomas Sowell that said instruction in sex education would only take a couple of classes.  The only reason for 12 years of instruction is to change the training of the parents.

I believe that thought is generally applicable to the school system and its curriculum as a whole and was reminded of this with an article from the Thinking Housewife:

The most insidious part of modern Dewey-ite education is its claim to being morally neutral. All education is moral; that is inevitable. By definition, when you instruct someone, you are claiming to do so from a position of moral authority.


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