Hello from West Texas.  I have not had a modem for the past about 4 days.  The unit would not connect even though there were blinking lights on the front.  I tried Firefox, Opera, and even removed the router from the connection.  I reset the modem who knows how many times, and each time had no connection to the internet.  Finally, I decided it was time to call the provider and voice a complaint.  After all, this unit was new just a few months ago when the old modem died.  So, I looked up the number of the provider and started dialing.  Have you ever had the feeling that you should do something?  Just an impression.  No concrete evidence, just an inspiration to perform a certain action.  Well, I dialed the provider and had the impression that Firefox needed a double click.  OK.  click, click.   On the phone I had the opportunity to press 1 because I have the joy of speaking English in this country.  The computer on the phone started spouting off requested information to transfer to the appropriate department when I was looking a a fully loaded web page.  Wow!  click.

Of the interesting things that kept me out of trouble recently, number 12 of the Samson series is now finished.  I played the set to date and it took almost 50 minutes, so the remaining 2 songs might bring this expedition to an hour.

Spouseinbox and I are working on a stand for a new fish tank.  This little unit will hold about 40 gallons – or roughly 400 pounds on whatever base we provide.  That being the case, I decided particle board would not be sufficient for the job and used table top as the construction material with a piece of angle iron under the center for added support.  We are about 1/2 way through the construction of this, or maybe less depending upon how long the finish takes.

Well, tomorrow is a new day with interesting challenges, like driving through snow in West Texas.  I won’t say rare, but there are very few instances of which I can recall.  Right now, there are about 2 inches on the ground with more falling.  It gives quite a pretty appearance to the normally bare trees down the block.  Also of note is the brightness that is seen, even at night.  My guess is that it is due to the reflection of normally absorbed light.  Well, good night.