A president who promised to bankrupt the coal industry is in no position to gainsay Romney’s record of job creation at Bain Capital. Romney created at least 100,000 jobs in private life; Obama created none. Then Obama entered office and racked up a record of job destruction that would give even the most reckless corporate raiders pause.

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I still can’t forget the absolute denial of the rule of law, ignoring the Constitution, and cover by the MSP that would make Stalin jealous.  The amount of impeachable material is incredible, and yet the congress isn’t taking the appropriate action – impeachment – which would have been called for two years ago had anything even close been done by a Republican.  My only thought is that our congress critters have spines made of cartilage and are waiting for voters to do their job.  In the mean time, the rule of law and our heritage continue to have chips removed until their original forms have become unrecognizable.  My candidate will have the will to remove obammacare from our lives, actually defend our borders, and reestablish the rule of law.  Past that, my list would be a candy dish of thoughts, but I consider these the essentials for this country to have a future.