I heard a couple of songs yesterday at a pizza place and had a thought of the progress of lyrics over time.  Before continuing that thought, I wanted to note that the seat I had was in direct line with the missing slat on the window blinds.  This allowed a slit of light to project across the room and stimulate my retinas excessively when I didn’t avoid properly.  Well, the other effect of this light beam was to display a calloid.  For those uninitiated individuals to the realm of chemistry, a calloid is a mix of molecules in a solvent where the size of the particles is small enough that they are suspended by the kinetic molecular action of the solvent.  Heavier particles would simply sink.  Lighter ones “float” due to the molecules around them.  That said, I have an understanding that dust is in the air.  My nose is designed with mucous and hair to remove dust from the air and protect the lungs from contaminants.  It is one thing to know about the dust, and quite another to see it floating over and around the flood just about to be ingested.  Just saying.

As for the music, I looked up a couple of songs heard at this pizza place and placed them in chronological order with the top songs of the following 2 decades with a last song I heard at a music awards a couple of years ago.

1963: I Want to Hold Your Hand

1975: Dance with me

1983: Billie Jean

1991: Smells Like Teen Spirit

2004: Girl, I wanna lay you down