Good morning from my computer in Texas.  Life has maintained its interesting flair, with my help, of course.  I am wishing to say another song is finished, but can’t.  I only have the melody line as of now, so a bunch more work there.  Another activity keeping us occupied is the result of me wanting to take advantage of a sale.  Kidinbox is in to animals – hundreds of fish, turtle, bearded dragon, etc.  I received a call from kidinbox that Local Pet Store was having a sale on fish tanks – a dollar a gallon.  There was one 55 gallon tank and it wasn’t going to be mine.  Oh well.  I settled for a 40 gallon tank.  Now this decision was sight unseen, and I assumed the normal dimensions for a 55 gallon tank minus the width for 15 gallons would provide me the 40 gallon tank.


When the tank made its way to my box, I discovered someone in design was enjoying themselves with an evil chuckle – I’m sure.  This thing was twice as deep – from the front as the 55 gallon tank.  In other words, I couldn’t cheat with the $25 stand at the local cheap mart and put a small board on the end.


By this time, spouseinbox had decided a location for this tank in the living room and I was asked to measure and confirm that it would fit there.  Persuasion tip from being on the back end, if you want someone to get something somewhere, have them decide that it will fit.  So the fish-tank process has begun and we are most of the way to finishing the structure, only requiring some work on the finish before installing the back piece.  So, (drum roll) here is the fish-tank stand in its unfinished glory:

We used tabletop board for most of the structure, 1×2 for the corners and a piece of angle iron under the top for a bit of extra support towards the front as I believe this tank will weigh about 400 pounds once filled.  The other nice thing about this project is enjoying time working together on something.  I can say I’m blessed to have someone who will not only coerce encourage me to start a project, I will have someone there with hands on through the procedure.

Another project that is now completed is a new projector install at church.  This was started last year – makes it sound more impressive doesn’t it – and required quite a bit of patience as the seller used the cheapest transportation possible and had no tracking, meaning the purchase didn’t arrive for a month.  Don’t forget this was for church, meaning that I was being asked about the replacement projector as well. “Umm, I ordered it and am waiting for it.  Sorry, that’s all I can say.  The seller said they shipped it.”  Well, it finally arrived (I didn’t give feedback, I didn’t want to get into a spitting war) I started playing with the unit and confirming operation.  The unit worked well, and even had a lens adjustment for height apart from the automated controls.  Interesting.  The unit was designed to operate from a computer control and that was my next task.  As there was no manual, I had to search the web to finally find the manual which had instructions about the cable design and no link for the software to control it.  That was another search.  Oh well.  Anyways, spouseinbox assisted measuring and then let me solder the ends in place – 7 wires with 3 crosses.  The cross means that number 3 pin on this end needs to match number 2 pin on the other side, etc.  The amazing thing was that when this cable was assembled, it worked.  First time.  Yehaa!  Then the trick of getting it into the ceiling commenced.  This was done with spouseinbox and friendfromchurch.  About 3 hours in the church was spent getting the wire into place and now the lyrics get a brighter presentation.  About 4000 lumens worth.  For comparison a 100 watt lightbulb – now no longer available puts out about 750 lumens.  (If memory serves me.) So this projector is running about the equivalent of 5 – 100 watt lightbulbs.  Nice.

I was listening to the talk radio the other day and the subject of the marines urinating on a dead Taliban was discussed.  I find it amazing the difference between their presentation and the 4 workers killed, cut up and hung upside down from a bridge.  How about a little understanding here.  By understanding I mean understanding war.  It. Isn’t. Pretty.  Period.  Just a couple off the top of my head, I believe it was G. Gordon Liddy who talked about General Patton who urinated in the Rhine river in WW2.  There was the 7th army who were fighting the Japanese in the Pacific and took heads of the deceased to adorn their tanks.  Had I my preference, these dead Taliban would be covered with bacon.  Imagine the poor souls burning in hell.  A demon comes over to them and challenges, “Well, what do you think?” “Uhh, I thought there were supposed to be 72 virgins for me to molest.”  “No, sorry, the marine who sent you here placed bacon on your corpse.  Allah isn’t as strong as bacon.”

Personally, I would be honored to buy these marines supper.  They are out there risking their lives killing these savages in another country so we don’t have to shoot them from our own windows.  And if the image of these marines takes some fight out of the terrorists, by golly, post it on billboards around the Mideast.   Let’s take this war seriously and allow our military to do what it is trained to do.  This war is more than just killing terrorists.  There is also the psychological side where we have to place something in the vacuum we are creating by removing this influence.  Unless we fight this second battle, the first is going to fail.  Take that MSP.