As for the title, it seems interesting to use multiple words for being speechless, but that is my best description for this afternoon.  I have previously described the workers who call me into the adjacent room with the phrase “We love you” which leads to an additional visit or extra job to do.  Such is life.  Then there was today.  I was called into the room and informed “We love you” and to be entirely honest, I was wondering for which patient’s bottom end I was going to have to provide wound care.   One coworker was bringing in a set of cupcakes to set on the desk.  Slightly unusual, but not too out of the ordinary so I awaited my assignment and was informed that I was going to Las Vegas.


The crew had got together and nominated me for the Ambassador of the year for our region of the company – and I won.

(pause) I’m still blown away by the whole idea.  Out of thousands of employees, there are about a dozen chosen for this honor, and I was one.  Wow.  Then I have to realize that my coworkers were the basis for this to occur.  I don’t have adequate words and the only one that comes to mind seems so small in comparison, but I will use it anyways: