A bit over a year ago, I started on the project of turning the story of Samson into music.  The written part is now finished.  Yehaa!  I counted and have 94 pages of music.  This now has to be turned into cd form, and then a dvd to supply parts that are not possible for a duet.  As an example, the first song – Manoa’s Song is where the angel appears to Manoa’s wife and informs her that a baby is coming.  The angel then provides instruction as to how they are to raise him and later Manoa requests the angel (he didn’t know at the time) to verify what his wife said.  This was done and them Manoa offers supper to the visitor.  The supper is refused and Manoa instructed to sacrifice to God.  Manoa does so and this visitor enters into the smoke and rises to heaven.  We have a duet and I was left with the wonder of how on earth to get someone into the smoke and rise – especially when there are only two of us.  The answer came to use a back projection screen and put this action on video.  Another piece that will be on video is when Samson threw his donkey’s jawbone on the ground, prayed for water as he was parched from fighting, and water came up out of the jawbone.  A video seemed to be the only way to illustrate this as well.  I couldn’t see any church happy with a spring of water running down their platform.  🙂  Lastly, there is the temple collapsing, and how could we set up the pillars and knock them down during the performance?  Again, the video seemed to be the salvation.  My map is partially laid.  The journey begins.