Siblinginbox noted a post over a the  I had to remember my occurrence many moons ago – before nursing became my profession.  I was sick.  That’s the easiest description.  I was sick enough to seek some assistance and was informed that a shot was needed to get the medicine working ASAP, followed by oral antibiotics.  This seemed reasonable and after a few minutes, the nurse entered.  I was instructed to roll and drop the cloth coverings of my back side.  I was ready for this at this point and had previously learned to point the toes and push down the heels which I was instructed would make it hard to contract the gluteal muscles and a much easier shot.  I was concentrating on this procedure and about half way through the injection had my concentration broken by a voice asking, “Is it burning yet?” “Uhh, no.”

(Thinking) – “isn’t that something she should have told me before sticking a needle in my rear?”

Well, I was instructed to sit in the waiting room for half an hour to ascertain if the medication would produce any side effect requiring intervention.  It was at this point that my best description became – sitting on a camp fire.  I will grant Law Dog had a more descriptive presentation, but that was as accurate as I could be with the experience.