February 2012

I have to report success yesterday in a couple of fronts:  there are only 2 more songs for Samson before I start on the video background shots.  Yea!   Secondly, I got inspired and spouseinbox assisted on working making a pizza.  I used the basic recipe for the dough, added some oregano, dill, basil, and garlic and let the bread machine run.  We then used sauce – regular spaghetti sauce with added oregano – and spouseinbox cooked the ground beef and sausage.  I cut up the green pepper and we applied all that with some pepperoni to get the following:

This was put into the oven at 475 degrees for about 12 minutes to obtain the following:

It was good, though I would cook the sauce first the next time we do it as there was a bit too much fluid in the finished product.  Oh, the yellowish is sharp cheddar I sprinkled on top of the mozzarella for additional flavor to the top.

As for the abuse, remember the post about a month ago where I received an honor from work?  Well, today is the day I get to go see the TSA for my genital exam.  I guess what makes it worse is knowing I will still have to do the job the TSA is not doing – profiling for possible terrorists.  How do I do that?  Simple. What is the one group trying to kill others and doing so with glee?  Hey TSA, just a hint.  It isn’t grandma in the wheelchair wearing a depends.


This is from here, go enjoy the rest:

“1868 – The first parade to have floats is staged at Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Louisiana. I have never been to Mardi Gras in New Orleans and have no desire to go. However, I do note that standing on the side of the road waiting for mystical creatures to give you stuff for free has a particular character that fits New Orleans well.”

Good morning from West Texas.  I’m taking a moment to blog before the day’s running begins.  I have been slowly going through the book by Ben Shapiro, “Primetime Propaganda” and found another gem on pg 137.  “The nihilism of The Simpsons based on the failure of liberalism’s aspirations – the war on poverty has failed, the war on drugs has failed, the war on homelessness has failed.  when liberalism fails, it turns not to conservatism but to nihilism, the sense that all is useless and lost.  Satire fits perfectly within this worldview-making fun of everything is easier than building anything up or backing specific provisions.”

I was considering the opposite of love.  Many would take the association test and say – hate.  However, I would argue that the emotional state of love and hate are directed at a particular object and as such one’s attention is directed specifically, making hate not the opposite of love but rather apathy.  Apathy being the lack of desire for something.  In the larger scale, I can see the propaganda against the particular celebrations of this country – remembering great presidents for example – being the goal of fostering apathy.  The end goal of that propaganda would be to have a population unwilling to struggle for the maintenance of their country.

For an illustration of love vs hate of country, consider the protests of the occupy vs the tea party.  When one is honest enough to acknowledge the results of the policies on the side of the occupy crowd, only failure is exhibited.  Just as I cannot see an occupy crowd change to a tea party member, so the change from hate is not to love but apathy.  That, of course, requires honesty on part of the individual considering their philosophy.

I have finished number 9 on the Samson series.  Yea!  Only 5 more are needed to get the accompaniment completed.  Since I have been mentioning this from time to time, it seemed fair to provide a sample of that which I have been discussing, but the WordPress server won’t allow an upload of music without paying for an upgrade.   So sorry, I can’t provide a sample here.  When I can figure out a secure way to post such, I will let you know.  Have a enjoyable Monday and may your week go pleasantly.

This post including the comments has an interesting discussion of thinking.  Personally, I like the acknowledgement that thinking isn’t parroting back what the professor wants to hear.   This sounds similar to a book I had started and can’t remember the name of at the present time.  The idea presented was Pavlov’s dog applied to college.  State that Jefferson was a slave owner.  Check.  You passed your class.  State that Washington was a deist.  Check.  You passed that class.  Critical analysis of why those two presidents maintained their slaves and reasons that they could not free them related to laws of the states at that time never enters the discussion.  In truth, I only learned it by reading this past year.  In all my years of school the subject was never even hinted at, let alone discussed, leading to a truth of school and governmental licensing: they both exist to ensure the graduates and grantees have a lack of certain knowledge.  Let alone, individuals may learn “facts” that are inconvenient to the power brokers.  Let alone, individuals may learn to apply their knowledge in a manner inconsistent with the political elite.

We went to a nearby city to spend the day with kidinbox.  During the afternoon, we bowled.  That is the nice way to say we increased the momentum on a spherical high mass object and expressed various emotions as this object exerted force on 10 other objects at the end of a wooden board.  (Fancy way of saying, don’t bother with the scores – not too bad all together though)  During this activity, I noted an adjacent bowler having to take care of her twin girls.  They were probably out of sorts and the extremely low V shirt made reaching in and readjusting them relatively easy.  Now, I have seen many references / complaints about the male members of the species having to take care of an itch.  To be consistent, shouldn’t the girls be taken care of in private?

The rest of that sentence: to be self evident that all men are created equal…

I was thinking on this the other day and it occurred to me that our founders had many things assumed as “self evident”.  Note the supreme court’s usage of “natural born citizen”: “At common-law, with the nomenclature of which the framers of the Constitution were familiar, it was never doubted that all children born in a country of parents who were its citizens became themselves, upon their birth, citizens also.” (From here) With that in mind, I had the wonder if there is anything our present government considers “self evident”.  I consider the treatment of property and have to conclude that the 4th amendment is not considered evident any longer.  The expectation of a charges brought and a trial was just last month removed.  The need for parents has long ago been abandoned, with the media trying to make lack of family normalized in the culture.  The father used to be the one who “Knows Best” and now is the object of derision.  How about innocent until proven guilty?  The TSA exists to hold everyone guilty – even invalid wheelchair bound grandmas.  Are all created equal any more?  That must be an outmoded philosophy.  After all, everyone knows we aren’t equal, and “created” identifies a Superior One who might have something to say about life.  Can’t have that.

What we have presently is a group of power-hungry individuals who swear no allegiance to anything other than themselves and only at the point of a gun will submit to rules the rest of the population expect followed as course of nature.  Look at the response of pres 0 to the congressional investigation.  They give the documents only immediately before the subpoena is issued.  These are individuals who don’t hold truth.  An honest conversation is thus made impossible and only political power can hold them in check.

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