I have mentioned many times the MSP and generally referred to the news media that is particularly socialist in their approach.  Remember the reports on the economy 4 years ago?  With unemployment at about 4%?  Compare that to the present reports of the economy with unemployment officially at about 8.5%, but only because of fuzzy math and elimination of jobs to reduce the percentage.  I have been instructed how much more widespread this phenomenon is.  There is a book out there be Ben Shapiro containing the following gem: “I asked Goldberg why there didn’t seem to be any real debate about politics on television anymore – why everyone simply assumed that the far-left position was correct, and that the only real question was whether that position was practical… But if we’ve begun to move beyond such debates, it’s due in large part to the success of writers like Goldberg, who have made the leftist position so palatable to a broad swath of Americans simply by presenting likable characters who promote liberal politics as tautologies.”      (pg 129)

It now makes more sense why so many shows didn’t appeal to my sensibilities.