Good morning from our corner of West Texas.  Busyness keeps hold as I try to continue Samson and keep up with work.  One plan that has be on the back burner for a while moved forward yesterday.  Dill Bread.  We had a package of dill and obtained an onion, bought some cream cheese a week ago and I finally decided to put it all together.  To save yeast, I have started adding the yeast to the liquid in the bread maker and letting it set for about an hour – and using less than requested.  This recipe was aromatic.  Not powerfully as I would expect with 1/3 cup onion in it, and the dill was not overpowering either.  I set the machine to dough and we went on errands.  (Oh, by the way, we made the small loaf recipe) on return the dough was taller than the mixing pan in the bread maker.  Rather than have the hole in the bottom of the loaf as the bread machine would leave I decided to move the dough to a regular bread pan.  This sat in the oven for an hour until spouseinbox decided it was time to work magic on some zucchini.  Spouseinbox found a recipe that actually makes zuchini quite enjoyable.  I find that interesting to say due to remembering growing up trying to choke down forkfulls to keep mominbox happy.  It’s kind of hard to reconfigure one’s mindset after that experience, but spouseinbox has done so. Well, that put off the bread for another hour.  Oh, the recipe for the zucchini?  Well, split it in half, clean out the seeds, split cherry tomatoes, line the center of the zucchini with tomatoes, baste with oil/spice mixture, bake for 1/2 hour, then broil some cheese on the top.  Yum.  We had those with steaks off the grill and 3 bean salad.  Outback, you have competition.  Ok, back to the bread.  It has now risen for about 2 hours and was overflowing the pan.  The oven finally performed its duty and we have the following loaf with the first piece cut:

We are taking a trip to see the in-laws as there is going to be a bit of preaching going on this evening and fatherinlawinbox (maybe I had better quit on that one) is delivering the sermon and we are going to surprise him, so we are looking forward to 4 -5 hours on the road and as a resource, I have spent some time letting the computer play the songs for Samson and have made a cd to play in the car so we can start to learn them.  Also, as a gift for my boss, well, more accurately the owner of the company, I have written a song for the company and have recorded the accompaniment track for it – that was yesterday.  May the rest of your day be pleasant and filled with fragrant goodness.