I decided to look up the individuals who are vying to replace Hutchison.  I found the list here.  They are:

Glenn Addison
Joe Agris
Curt Cleaver
Ted Cruz
David Dewhurst
Ben Gambini
Charles Holcomb
Craig James
Tom Leppert
Lela Pittenger

I am not wasting any time with the Socialist Democrat party as there is no way they could receive a vote from me.  For anyone wanting to challenge that assertion, I give you obammacare.  My plan is to take these names and find links to information about them so we can review their potential to take their place in the Senate against the likes of Harry Reid. For those who had a website, I put the link above.  For those who did not, I found what appeared a reasonable presentation.  Obviously, there are more links than I could ever present here, so I am offering this as a beginning, a start, the reach of little Johnny towards the cookie jar on the countertop…

On looking for campaign websites, I found this general one.