The other evening we had a shortage of bread.  I initially started off with butter bread, and that was quite buttery.  Let’s just say  – it could be toasted and nothing added.  Not the thing for sandwiches – some anyways.  So, I tried a wheat bread that included 1/4 cup maple syrup.  I didn’t have white wheat flour, so just used straight wheat and had to add an additional 1/4 up of fluid to the dough as it was so dry.  The bread maker did its due and dough was finished which occupied the bread pan for a regular oven bake.  This was to remove the hole in the bottom that the bread machine leaves.  Well, by the time it was finished, bedtime was long past.  Enter the morning.  I’m doing my regular routine with exercise bike and situps, when my olfactory sense woke and said, “fresh bread.”  It’s wonderful to have fresh wheat toast and coffee to start the day.  🙂