Good morning from West Texas.  I’m taking a moment to blog before the day’s running begins.  I have been slowly going through the book by Ben Shapiro, “Primetime Propaganda” and found another gem on pg 137.  “The nihilism of The Simpsons based on the failure of liberalism’s aspirations – the war on poverty has failed, the war on drugs has failed, the war on homelessness has failed.  when liberalism fails, it turns not to conservatism but to nihilism, the sense that all is useless and lost.  Satire fits perfectly within this worldview-making fun of everything is easier than building anything up or backing specific provisions.”

I was considering the opposite of love.  Many would take the association test and say – hate.  However, I would argue that the emotional state of love and hate are directed at a particular object and as such one’s attention is directed specifically, making hate not the opposite of love but rather apathy.  Apathy being the lack of desire for something.  In the larger scale, I can see the propaganda against the particular celebrations of this country – remembering great presidents for example – being the goal of fostering apathy.  The end goal of that propaganda would be to have a population unwilling to struggle for the maintenance of their country.

For an illustration of love vs hate of country, consider the protests of the occupy vs the tea party.  When one is honest enough to acknowledge the results of the policies on the side of the occupy crowd, only failure is exhibited.  Just as I cannot see an occupy crowd change to a tea party member, so the change from hate is not to love but apathy.  That, of course, requires honesty on part of the individual considering their philosophy.