I have to report success yesterday in a couple of fronts:  there are only 2 more songs for Samson before I start on the video background shots.  Yea!   Secondly, I got inspired and spouseinbox assisted on working making a pizza.  I used the basic recipe for the dough, added some oregano, dill, basil, and garlic and let the bread machine run.  We then used sauce – regular spaghetti sauce with added oregano – and spouseinbox cooked the ground beef and sausage.  I cut up the green pepper and we applied all that with some pepperoni to get the following:

This was put into the oven at 475 degrees for about 12 minutes to obtain the following:

It was good, though I would cook the sauce first the next time we do it as there was a bit too much fluid in the finished product.  Oh, the yellowish is sharp cheddar I sprinkled on top of the mozzarella for additional flavor to the top.

As for the abuse, remember the post about a month ago where I received an honor from work?  Well, today is the day I get to go see the TSA for my genital exam.  I guess what makes it worse is knowing I will still have to do the job the TSA is not doing – profiling for possible terrorists.  How do I do that?  Simple. What is the one group trying to kill others and doing so with glee?  Hey TSA, just a hint.  It isn’t grandma in the wheelchair wearing a depends.