March 2012

I can say the medication is working as I am feeling half-way human.  Yea.

Via a link from “Dissecting Leftism” there was an interesting article on the motivation for the rich to support liberalism.  An excerpt: “The simple answer is this: wealthy liberals blatantly use social liberalism and big government regulation to protect their relative position in society. Big government regulation and taxation thwarts the economic mobility of those trying to move up, allowing the elites to remain elite, while still seeming pious for all their apparent efforts to help the little people.” (from here)  I have thought and seen that those in business like to use government to restrict those who would enter the marketplace.  A book by John Stossell (I believe) made the observation that those on governmental boards present themselves as experts on whatever field and then utilize that position to maintain the market position they have by reducing the potential for competition.  As a caller to a radio station mentioned, he had a surgery done by a cardiothoracic surgeon who spent time in medical school and 10 years afterwards on residency.  Is there anyone in government qualified to provide such a surgeon credentials?  No, he had to get his license from someone far less qualified than himself and “kiss the ring” of government.


As the tonsilscape came into clearer view, Agent B saw they were approaching a pocket comparatively as large as a football field.  Agent B took over manual control and steered toward a less formaidable tonsilar site.  At Mission Control monitors noted his heart beat had increased from a normal 100 to 220.  While Agent B manipulated the control, Agent C called out altitude reading: 750 parsecs, coming down at 23 degrees…700 parsecs, 21 down…400 parsecs, down at nine…Got the shadow out there…75 parsecs, things looking good…lights on…picking up some mucous…30 parsecs, 2 1/2 down…faint shadow…four forward…drifting to the right a little…contact light…O.K.  Engine stop.  As the probes beneath three of the four footpads touched the tonsilar surface, a light flashed on the instrument pane.  The no one heard Agent B’s quiet message, but would soon know his presence: “Mission Control.  Disruptive Base here.  Crud has landed.”

With apologies to Armstrong.  I am on four meds right now and doing my best to not talk.

During the Vegas trip, we were treated to the Wynn hotel.  The room had full length windows looking West out over the city and the hills forming the horizon.  The drapery were two levels with a sheer and a heavy drape each run by the push button next to the bed.  All the lighting in the room was integrated into the same box where one would simply push a button for full, dim, or night light and all of the lights in the room would respond.  The bed had its set of pillows all neatly stacked with anything from fluffy to firm.  The snack corner was avoided as the warning card stated the room would be charged if something was picked up for more than 60 seconds.  The nine dollar bag of chips stayed on its sensor.  In the bathroom, there were two switches for low lights, or bright lights, a tv in the wall facing the toilet and tub and a full ceiling to floor glass shower.  The vanity seemed to be a marble as well as all the wall coverings.  The room screamed expensive and at least the company was picking up the tab.  Well, the meetings finished and we made our way back to God’s country – Texas.  There is an oil boom going on in the West Texas area.  We were wanting to visit a relative in parts thereabouts and tried to find a hotel anywhere in a 50 mile radius.  We finally found one in a little burg somewhat North of our airport and landed there near O-dark-thirty.  The manager of this establishment apparently lived in the office and I had the pleasure of returning her to the realm of the conscious and poorly so.  I gave some change to simplify the amount of coin returned, and had to redirect this manager to times to the correct amount of change.  Thank you.  Have a good night.

“Thanks, I probably won’t get to sleep.”

Well, we were now treated to a door that didn’t want to yield to the key presented.  After several attempts, I finally got the door to open and found a rather cool room, as the heat had not been used.  There was a heater on the wall at the doorway of the bathroom, and I had to do several attempts to get the thing to light.  The heater was natural gas with a spark ignitor and gas knob requiring the right position to allow the gas to flow.  Once a flame joined us, I searched around the rest of the room.  (the last room to be had in a 50 mile radius remember) There were two double beds and a couple of pillows on each, a table with two chairs, one of which had loose legs.  Yes, sit on the chair and the whole unit moves slightly towards the wall.  Not entirely reassuring.  At the back wall was the window, holding the air-conditioning unit which was a small unit placed there still showing gaps to outside.  Considering the need of heat, this observation wasn’t pleasing.  The bathroom had a shower that both spouseinbox and I checked and decided to do a sponge bath.  It wasn’t dirty or anything like that.  I just wanted to be able to fit in the shower.  When the elbows rub both walls, space is a consideration.

I will grant being able to sleep until the housekeeping showed up at the door wondering if there were any occupants remaining.  I had forgotten to place the do-not-disturb sign on the knob.  After the second query, I fixed the signage problem.  On our way out, I had to mention to spouseinbox the contrast to the previous accommodations.  I had to wonder if anyone occupying the previous hotel would do the same as us.  Spouseinbox figured no one from there would even look at this place, but we were back in God’s country again.

The prison ministry is finished and spouseinbox and I are back home – and exhausted.  There are no alarms set for tomorrow. (I am now posting this in the morning)

Just a thought: once the takers of society outnumber the producers, doesn’t that indicate that we producers are no longer represented?  We have a situation where three wolves and one sheep democratically vote on what’s for dinner.  The outcome is predetermined.  When the producers of dinner are no longer available, the remainder starve.  Look at the situation of any communist country.  The only uniformity available is poverty.

I want to restate my definition of the American Dream: getting paid for what you do.  It’s not the car, house, television set or any other piece of property.  It is the knowledge that my effort will produce my result.  My result may be different than someone else’s, and that is all right.

Much more effective

With this weekend and week of medical problems with extended family and preparations for Kairos prison ministry the next four days, I haven’t had much time to enjoy the ‘net.  I just wanted to give a quick note that I haven’t forgotten you out there and plan to work on “amyotrophic lateral sclerosis” beginning next week.

I previously mentioned the conundrum of how one gets out of the welfare mess this country is currently experiencing.  (As a philosophical aside, once the takers outnumber the workers/taxpayers, isn’t that taxation without representation?) Thinking on this subject, I realized that this very subject had been tried and solved previously – in 1623.  Yes, I am referring to that same passage in Bradford’s journal where each family is assigned a plot of land and instructed to farm it for themselves.  I ran across another article claiming this was not the start of private property as the colonists didn’t get their personal land until 1627. That noted, the individuals were assigned their own space, and had to produce their own crops.  They as a familial group were to take care of themselves.  Note that even the children were included and this arrangement reduced the griping and laziness the communal societal formation caused.  My take – away from this applied to our times is that families need to be given the responsibility of taking care of themselves.  To provide for that activity, the government will get out of the way and stop removing the results of individual labor.  Why should the vigorous individuals spend their energy producing for a bureaucrat to remove the results of their labor and give it to someone who hasn’t worked?  Atlas Shrugged.   The way out is to remove the government and require individual responsibility again.  That means no “safety net.”  Once people get the results of their labor, they have extra to provided as charity.  The charity should not be given out until the personal family is secure.  This is done on an individual basis without the bureaucracy’s assistance which flips this formation on its head.  This country has been standing on its head long enough.

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