I was thinking about the information stated on Breitbart and found it more than intriguing that there was a simple announcement that he “died of natural causes” at the age of 42 (or something like that).  Huh?  I was missing something important in that presentation and am still wondering.  With no chronic ailments known and no accident stated, how could one simply pass over the lack of an autopsy?  Isn’t anyone slightly curious how a middle aged man in apparently decent health dies of “natural causes” without so much as a whimper?  I decided to look up the autopsy, or lack of the same and found this site.  It looked interesting and also gave some nice information about my query.  “Looking for the results of his death last evening and early today, the Los Angeles Times reported the cause of death will not be known for four to six weeks.”  Another link on that page was enjoyable as well.