I can say the medication is working as I am feeling half-way human.  Yea.

Via a link from “Dissecting Leftism” there was an interesting article on the motivation for the rich to support liberalism.  An excerpt: “The simple answer is this: wealthy liberals blatantly use social liberalism and big government regulation to protect their relative position in society. Big government regulation and taxation thwarts the economic mobility of those trying to move up, allowing the elites to remain elite, while still seeming pious for all their apparent efforts to help the little people.” (from here)  I have thought and seen that those in business like to use government to restrict those who would enter the marketplace.  A book by John Stossell (I believe) made the observation that those on governmental boards present themselves as experts on whatever field and then utilize that position to maintain the market position they have by reducing the potential for competition.  As a caller to a radio station mentioned, he had a surgery done by a cardiothoracic surgeon who spent time in medical school and 10 years afterwards on residency.  Is there anyone in government qualified to provide such a surgeon credentials?  No, he had to get his license from someone far less qualified than himself and “kiss the ring” of government.