I am sure anyone with traveling experience has noted the changes provided by the federal government.  Right off the top is the strip searches done in airports.  (oh, they are virtual, so that’s all right—really?)  In the middle of this article, there was an interesting sentence: “It turns out that the argument for Obamacare rests on a functionally unlimited view of federal power — that the Commerce Clause, Necessary and Proper Clause, and New Deal precedent have essentially combined to create a form of de facto police power for the federal government.”

Any doubt of its existence?  I can see only shades of difference from USSR.  We still have some ability to purchase property, but via Kelo, it may be removed.  via the new executive order, the government may place equipment in private factories.  5th amendment anyone?  This argument before the SC is just the final straw in eliminating the Bill of Rights.  Once the government can order you to purchase products, the camel’s nose and the first of the humps are already in the tent.