Before the founding of this nation, there was a philosophical idea that the results of someone’s labor was theirs – they owned that for which they produced. This was the basis of copyright laws as well as the repugnance of slavery. In the latter case, the person’s labor is taken and this was considered against natural law. Without going into any detail on the arguments, note that the words life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness were long considered in light of natural law and “property” was dropped for the possible application slave owners would utilize. Therefore, the end result was an acknowledgement that rights were those applied by our Creator and not dependent upon any other person’s labors.
Government doesn’t produce anything of marketable value. It exists as an agent of force. Nothing given by the government was done so by the production of the same government, it was removed from someone who applied efforts to produce. Therefore, government can’t give anything to anyone it hasn’t taken from someone else.
It is a false concept that the government can provide health care. The government doesn’t produce anything, it can only take from the medically trained professionals to give to someone else. Therefore, healthcare is nothing more than the application of someone’s labors to the advantage of someone’s health – betterment of their physical or emotional being. When the government mandated that emergency rooms provide health care to anyone walking into their doors – regardless of ability to pay – they relegated health professionals to the status of slaves – ones from whom labor could be taken. One may argue that the doctors earn so much, they could do some for free. If that’s the case, let’s apply the same logic to Pres Zero’s bank account. He has plenty and I need some. Give me some of his bank account. It’s the same argument.
Think back to rights for a moment. They are that given by the Creator to the individual in this life. The application of someone else’s labor into my life is not a right as their labor belongs to them. Therefore, there is no right to health care. There is only slavery of the health care worker when their labor is removed by the government.