I heard today on the radio George Zimmerman being arrested and charged with second degree murder. This case has been in the news and charged up by politicians and race-baiters for a couple of weeks including the administration of a bounty for Mr. Zimmerman. Interesting that the persons offering the bounty have not been charged. Note the racial tensions irritated and rubbed raw by the reporting of this incident. Note the threat of riots if the decision is not made in the fashion the mob determines. Now try to pull 12 individuals out of this mess to make an objective informed decision about the case. Consider the position of the 12 individuals. They will be charged with knowledge exclusive to this case and be required to weigh it against the reaction an acquittal or not-guilty verdict would incite. This will not be simply about the facts of the case now that the media and politicians are involved. The fact that Mr. Zimmerman is still with us tells me he trusts this system far more than I would. These deciding the case will be in the same position as the couple having the misfortune of living in the residence fingered by Spike Lee. Who on a jury would want to take that risk? No, I don’t feel Mr. Zimmerman can receive a fair trial due to the media and politics involved. My preference would be application of the law to the entire situation. That would include charges against Spike Lee, charges against the Black Panthers, reprimands of those in congress using this for politics and denying a citizen the application of the law. With the present crew in charge, I can’t see that happening, so claim the title of pessimist.