A couple comes in to the emergency room with the husband wrapped up like Van Gogh.
Receptionist: Good morning, how may we help you?
Sore Husband (SH): I need my ear stitched up.
(R): OK, Fill out this paperwork and I’ll get you back.
Paperwork is done and turned in. The couple is led to the back of the emergency and SH is directed to sit on the exam table.
Caring Nurse (CH): So how did this happen?
(SH): My wife cut my ear with some scissors.
(CN): Were you having an argument?
(SH): No, nothing like that. She was trimming my hair and cut my ear.
CN looks at wife who has a mix of sheepish look and possibly a crockpot of mad stewing underneath.
(CH): I guess a bit more care is needed when trimming the hair.
(SH): All right, I’ll tell you. We were getting ready for the shower and we shower together, you know, to save water and all that. 😉 Well, anyways, she was trimming around my ear when I gave in to temptation, goosed her, and here we are.

*No ears were harmed in the making of this story.