This morning I woke up with an impression that seemed interesting. To set the stage, I lost dadinbox about 4 1/2 years ago and a fellow worker at church about a year later. To that fellow’s daughter, I gave the impression that our fathers were up in heaven hanging a door somewhere. It would fit they way they were down here. I couldn’t tell you how many projects the two of them tackled around the church or for others who needed the help.
When one reads Ecclesiastes, it is noted how many things Solomon attributes to him making. He built this, he built that, and I started thinking about the mechanics of that attribute and isn’t it interesting that the king takes credit for what he directs, but the workers are actually building the project.
I can see God directing and taking credit for the mansions built as the provider and director of the project, and dad and his friend happily hanging a door, getting ready for us to come join them. “I go and prepare a mansion for you…”