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The Julia Story

One of the central points of 1984 is that in true totalitarianism, the State must displace the natural allegiances of love — romantic, familial, and brotherly (and, though Orwell might not agree — Love of God, too)– with a love of State.

I thought this was interesting in that once one tries to rid themselves of God, they end up picking another god as a substitute -in Zero’s case, himself. The concept that environmentalists have that we are destroying the planet, is only logical if held in the idea that we are as powerful as God. We can control the seas, we can effect the sun, we can protect all wildlife, all everyone has to do is stop breathing. Yes, it’s carbon dioxide that is the problem, so if we stop breathing all will be fine. (eyes roll) I was sitting next to some female in chemistry class listeneing to the professor describe the formation and real-life orientation of the ozone molecule. It actually doesn’t exist as a three oxygen set, but rather as portions of radical molecules that trade off their electrons and subsequently pass of heat to nitrogen atoms nearby. The power for all of the activity was the sun and the presence of oxygen. I noted this little fact to my seatmate and was informed that we were destroying the atmosphere. Uhhh, what did the prof just say? All that is required to produce ozone is oxygen and sunlight. Period. End of sentence. We have to get rid of one or the other. Only God is able, and I’m not applying for that job. Yet we have mindless tape recorders running around spouting off talking points without the slightest sense of what they just said violates reality. Orwell – down is up, up is down.
For some reason, the superhero came to mind and I had to check out the origin and rise of the superhero. To my interest, the superhero comics started their rise in the mid 30’s. Why is that important? Well, that is when Roosevelt was starting the dismantling of the Constitution. Consider how the country was founded and what kind of individuals would be there. The second amendment mentioned the well regulated militia. There were no police, no armies, no coast guard, no immigration officials. It was up to each individual to defend themselves, their home, and band together to defend their communities. Each person was responsible for their own defense. What if a superior force showed? The original communities would band together. The superhero was to provide the mental concept against that mindset. Do I believe that is why they created them? Of course not. They created them to sell the magazines and produce a profit. I do, however, believe that the concepts presented had some association with the politics of the day and desire for socialists, progressives, liberals, etc to get a foot hold on the minds of free men. So when the force comes that is larger than the individual can handle, instead of banding together and fighting, we now have the community saved by an indivudal with super strength, super powers, or whatever other special characteristic he has that on one else possesses. The people no longer save themselves, protect themselves, or band together to the betterment of the group.
They have, in effect, picked a mini god. Then you get the effects like this. The salmon have been around for how long? Sea lions have been around for how long? Who is trying to be god? I can guarantee it won’t work because that job has already been taken, and no one here is qualified, no matter how big their ego. (You can put your hand down, Zero)