This last week has been, well, interesting. We spent the weekend up at the in-laws and with kidinbox to come back on Sunday night and go back up Tuesday morning for graduation. Throw in preparing for Wednesday care group music and music practice Thursday for the Sunday afternoon, and I have a little sleep time remaining. No complaints, just information.
Yesterday provided an interesting moment at work. I was coming out of the office on the way to a nursing visit when my peripheral vision caught an interesting shape on the brick of the building. Consider the brick for a moment. The entire building was brick with the line surrounding the windows having each brick turned 90 degrees forward. This provided a little stair step up the side of the window, and around which a snake was enjoying the morning shade. He (could have been she, who knows?) was wrapped through a brick, down two bricks, back through the gap, and down the other side again. His head movements made it obvious that my presence was not appreciated. Now just for the record, I don’t mind a snake as long as he/she stays in his space. Come into mine, and we will have a problem. Stay in your space and lower the population of rats and mice, and we are fine. That said, I decided to call our marketer to see the interesting addition to our decor. This marketer was not content with the snake’s simple discomfort at our presence and poked its back side. This was too much for Herbie (I might as well provide a name), and the sidewalk was his next location in less time than it took you to read this sentence. I wondered if it was a garden snake, and marketer informed me that it was a bull snake. If memory served me, that would mean we would be free from mice and rats as long as Herbie was present. Well, marketer pulled at the tail and Herbie tried to remove himself from this situation. That involved locating the nearest exit possible. One characteristic of brick buildings is that there is a gap between the brick and the structure inside which has to be sealed against water forming because of condensation. Little drip holes are left in the base of the brick wall to allow this water to leave. Yes, that’s exactly where Herbie went. The marketer had to inform the remaining females in the building what had happened and how we had a snake living in the wall with the end result of all of them working in one room looking nervously at the ceiling. Well, all in a day’s work.