I was thinking about Sean the other day and my reaction of turning off the radio at portions of his show. To be more descriptive, I turn off the radio during certain interviews as liberals, with few exceptions, cannot tell a straight fact slapping them in the ear. On examining my reaction, the thought emerged that what I could not abide is a liar. On that consideration I will note that it is not possible to have a decent conversation with a liar as the end result of the conversation is different for both. For the one telling the truth, the goal of the conversation is to advance an idea and persuade the opponent to a more acceptable consideration, or consider another point of view. For the liar, the goal is to advance an agenda through any means necessary without the consent or consideration of your opponent’s opinions or thoughts. Two very different approaches, with two very different feelings associated and that is what I decided was the reason for detaching myself from listening to liars. Bless Sean for putting up with them and trying to demonstrate their behavior. I could not do so. I turn off the station every time I hear my congress critter claim he is a proven conservative. What conservative votes to allow citizens to be incarcerated in violation of the bill of rights? He did, and I have not forgotten. I even wrote him at the time and was informed that it didn’t apply to the citizens. Really? The amendment to omit citizens was voted down by both our senators at request of Pres 0. I can’t wait to replace all of them. I can’t abide a liar.