Yesterday presented the opportunity to accomplish projects as my week has been full for some time in the recent past. I got the lawn mowed, ant killer spread, weed killer sprayed, and considered lunch. We have an envelope system that allows a quick accounting of what is available for the remainder of the month, and our eat-out envelop has been on a diet. To save the last minute crisis from occurring, I started fishing through the cabinets to figure out something edible. From the stock present, I chose some large shells, alfredo sauce, tomato sauce, diced tomatoes, and frozen ground beef. We buy the ground beef in the 10 pound package and separate it into 8 bags, each rolled out with a rolling pin to make it flat and devoid of as much air as possible. The flip side of this is that the frozen package can be thawed in about 3 minutes under hot water. So I fried the beef, added the tomato sauce and diced and threw in a handful of dried celery to reconstitute in the juices. Spices were sprinkled and included: parsley, basil, oregano, onion powder, salt, and pepper. This was put to simmer while I boiled the shells. They appeared small, so I selected 5 per person and all fit in a 1 quart pot. Once boiled, I tried to cool them quickly to both stop the cooking, and make them easier to handle. This was effective for the shells, but the sauce was very hot, and still made life interesting trying to get it into the shells without burning the finger tips. Well, my original impression was to fill the shells and then bake with a cover of Alfredo, but on looking at the remainder of the sauce, I put the Alfredo in the cupboard for another day, poured the remainder of sauce over the shells and sprinkled some sharp cheddar on top. This went into the oven at 225 for 40 min to reveal the following:

We were happy with the results, though it was decided that 4 shells would have been enough.