I was looking for a particular bill, actually three to create a chart and ask a question, “would you vote for someone who supported these three pieces of legislation.” That was my plan. I ran across an interesting piece of legislation that is presently being worked on in the house. Here is the link. This is one to tug at the heart strings and hopefully produce enough emotional energy that the populace forgets to ask a couple of basic questions: Why is islam not even mentioned? The description of the horrid treatment of women is mentioned, but the philosophical engine tugging this load is not even noted. Secondly, why should my money, at the point of a gun, be taken to provide obstetrical treatment for muslim women in Africa? For any who want to argue that this is simply tax money, from where does that tax money come? With a trillion dollar deficit, where is the money going to come for this unconstitutional project? Let the philanthropists dole out their own millions by their own volition and treat this malady. We have too many problems here at home requiring attention before we try to be the free emergency room for Sub-Saharan Africa.

*update* I fixed the link.