I have been looking here and been rather disgusted at what our tax dollars in the form of congress critter bills are doing. Can we all agree on a simple premise – men and women are different? I know that is quite a radical idea for some academics, but yes, we are different. It’s more than just certain bumps in certain places. Mental processing, conceptual applications are all different by sex. Period. My developmental psychology instructor told us that the only difference between boys and girls was the way we acculture them. She didn’t have any kids. I had 3 under the age of 7 at that time. The boy played with Barbie dolls too. He placed one on the floor and hit it with another one. We did not teach him to do that. I go through this ritual to illustrate that there is a difference. Body size is also noted, and ignored by those who want to destroy our military with inclusion of females in combat forces. Yes, let’s put normally weaker individuals in conjunction with large guys and expect them to perform the same. Hello?! Is there anyone with sense out there? Sorry, bad question. Let’s put highly active hormone individuals in close proximity and expect them to ignore nature and only fulfill their military role. Hello?! Is there anyone with sense out there? I know, repetitive, but the only reason for this bit of insanity is to destroy the mission our military has. It will insure that the cohesiveness of the unit required for effective combat is disrupted. This action is by one who doesn’t have a clue the true purpose of the military, or the path to get there. Does anyone interested in this legislation deserve another term to push its passage, or reward for proposing it?