I was thinking of the phrase, “bigger piece of the pie,” and it occurred to me that the thought there is actually Marxist in origin. The idea presented is that there is a finite pie which gets portioned to the individual per their actions. The bigger piece of pie will necessitate someone else have a smaller piece. As an aside, for those who believe this and maintain huge salaries, doesn’t that mean that they like the idea of removing from others? Back to the thought. A pie is finite in its size and ability to be cut. There is a limited quantity of pie available and the only question is who gets how much. If that was so in an economy, how is it possible for the economy to grow? The additional money had to come from somewhere. I guess the Fed made it. Well what other possibility is there? How about the idea that money is a representation of time and effort of the individual? The time and effort are translated to money in the marketplace and as such there is an engine for increased production related to the efforts of the individuals in the population. Economic growth is the sum total of the efforts of the population seen in the translation of their time and energies to money terms. This makes sense in that it allows the economy to grow relative to the population. It rewards individuals differently according to their application of time and effort and the increased reward of one does not remove from the reward of another. The pie doesn’t apply.