June 2012

I had a realization this morning. It revolves around the concept of hope. An individual post operatively will perform much better if there is a hope for recovery. Cardiac healing speeds up in cases where the pt had a good outlook. Cancer treatment hinges on the attitude of the patient and the better the attitude (more hope) the better the outcome – all other things equal. This ruling from the supreme court yesterday was to provide the opposite. The intent of this application was to remove hope of the rule of law. It ensured there was no other place to which the law abiding population could turn for redress from the government when the Constitution is ignored. It pushes forward the concept that when the means of peaceful revolution are removed, only the violent revolution remains. On that thought, realize that pres 0 has desired a revolution – and not a peaceful one either. There are other links as well. Note that this has come to a head with the active participation of a metastatic tumor in Washington, aided by the circulation of the MSP and grown in the curriculum in our schools to produce the stage 4 cancer we are now experiencing. For those who want the glimmer of hope, let’s remove as much of this tumor as possible starting with the self-proclaimed progressives who prefer that term to communists which is their real philosophy. Next, the bureaucracies need to be dissolved. On necrotic tissue, we apply an enzyme called Santyl. This is to remove necrotic tissue to allow healing. Our Santyl will be the pressure on the present and new congress to remove – not alter or abridge – the agencies spreading this cancer. On that note, realize that Romney did have a second phrase after “remove Obammacare” and his desire to fix it needs to be dealt with as well, but we can’t go there until the tumor necrotic tissues removed. Next, chemotherapy needs to be applied. That is a medicine which stops the growth of cells and their requisite proteins. This is done to retard the growth of cells and allow the immune system time remove the cancerous cells in the periphery of the system. This area will be our schools. Real history, not progressive revisionist history needs to find the active neurons of our young minds again. Truth, not propaganda needs to be presented. Judges who legislate from the bench need to have their positions removed. They are subject to impeachment. All we need is a legislature with the backbone to apply the Constitution again. We won’t find that legislature with the cancerous lot there presently.


I had a conversation with siblinginbox to whom I mentioned not being surprised about today’s decision. A few words of memory:
Campaign Finance
We have lost our backing of legal support of the Constitution. We the people are the only ones left as the 9th and 10th amendments are finally destroyed along with most of the rest of the Bill of Rights. Hold on to the 2nd as that is the one for which pres 0 has collected 2 bullets for each of us. I blogged about this one earlier.
Also noted while surfing, the last 2 sentences tell so much:

A spokesman for Scott said the state will not distribute that longer list unless the state first can check the names against a federal immigration database.

Florida is suing to obtain access to that database after getting rebuffed by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Welcome to the American banana republic. All that remains is to show ability of this population to seek the Constitution again. Without that effort, I’m not really hopeful.

Here is a good skeleton of the situation.

We had an auditor at our company a week ago, and I had a short conversation about patients accepting a nurse related to sex of the nurse. The question was how many men refuse a nurse based on the sex of the nurse. The auditor stated it happened, but was extremely rare. I took the thought slightly further as I have seen patients refuse nurses based on sex and it was the female patient refusing the male nurse. The auditor noted that occurred several times. This brings me to an observation related to this information: it would seem that the female patient is fussier than the male when in need of medical care.

Our crew went out to IHOP (pancake place, among other food stuff) mainly due to the thermostat not holding the temperature correctly and the condenser unit freezing over making the house 90 degrees. I turned the A/C off, and left the fan running with the hope that air passing at 90 degrees would melt all the ice. Well, now we are in the IHOP and note a military man there with a couple of kids. He was in uniform and had the appearance of being post work. I decided to say “thank you for your service” in a more tasteful way. My waitress was very helpful to remove a couple of dead presidents from the military man’s bill. This left me the wonder if he would have a tale to tell (if he even would) or if this was a common gesture out there.
Oh yes, I did replace the thermostat with the assistance of spouseinbox, and the house became comfortable about o-dark-thirty.

I have been working on cloth lately, and that affords time to think – well, in between times of pulling out stitches in the wrong place. I think there is a common thread in the media driven cultural push for free sex and homosexuality. The social interaction is disparate, but the thread – and push for these activities to occur – is political. John Adams once said, “Our constitution is only fit for a moral and religious people. It is wholly unsuited to the governance of any other kind.”
Sexual activity will occur, and does occur through every species on earth. It’s how we continue to exist. What sets humanity apart from the rest of creation is that we have set that activity in a spiritual level and applied certain criteria which when utilized produce a stable family and extend to the culture as a whole. (notice that I qualified “when utilized”) I have mentioned previously the application of welfare to the destruction of the family and empowerment of government within the family as the female needs more governmental help when the dad is not present. Therefore the destruction of the family unit leads to the increased power of government. Further, the moral activity of individuals needs no regulation. Police are not required when neighbors help each other. Governmental interference and application of force are only required for individuals in a population behaving in a harmful manner. Harmful activity is not a characteristic of moral people. The more moral the population, the less governmental interference required. Therefore, it is not conducive to the aims of expansionist government to have a citizenry behaving in a moral and ethical manner. Intrusion and increased presence cannot be justified in that case. That is the reason crises are utilized to their full extent – the moment where morality was not present and force was required – providing the opportunity for government to expand its reach. Without the crisis, there is not justification for the new program/agency/control. Since pres 0 applied the provision to pay for abortion – killing babies, I have spoken with our benefits director at my company to ensure I was not subsidizing this activity. I understand that the punishment for not participating is a big fine, and if not paid – prison. Let’s apply this. When looking from a moral perspective, I will have to stand before God as one who supported killing babies or as a prisoner who held to morality. Which option should I choose in that scenario? Morality provides a framework from which individuals can judge their actions independently of the forces around themselves. That is why morality is anathema to the political class. Back to John Adams – if the Constitution is for a religious and moral people, one way to remove the Constitution is to convert the people to irreligious and immoral – which I believe is their intent.

Good evening everyone. I am about ready for bed, and waiting for the ibuprofen to start working. It’s a good sort of sore as this weekend I have completed two costumes for the Samson show, and cut out a third. The ones finished are for Manoa’s wife, and Delilah. I also cut and sanded the main pieces for a fish tank stand. Spouseinbox went to a local store and picked up a new camera which we used last night to get a few shots of the moon. I tried for the stars, but the unit didn’t recognize them, and I don’t know all the manual controls yet. All in all, a productive weekend.

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