There is only one possible way to make molecules inhabit the same space. That is fusion. The nuclei of both atoms are forced together and a new element forms. The resulting expression of energy is rather destructive to the surrounding area, but I note this as the only manner of atoms occupying the same space. That said, to the driver on the access road, please note that when the road comes up to an intersection having a sign declaring YIELD, I may follow the rules of the road and YIELD to the traffic having the right-of-way. I know that might be an odd concept, but consider that when I YIELD, you cannot occupy the same space as me unless fusion takes place. Since it didn’t, I was left with the decision to move out of traffic and examine the result of our lack of fusion – the new scratches in the paint of the bumper. It is also bad form to pull over like you are being honorable and when I exit the vehicle, drive away. I can only wonder if karma does exist. Consider that next time you approach the intersection with a YIELD sign present.