I received a link in e-mail about douping delight. I looked it over and decided someone was trying to apply a fancy term to a liar believing he’s getting away with it

The rest of the e-mail I see was copied from the blog linked at the end:

A new term for me. It was in a video, a TED lecture by Pamela Meyer, “How to Spot a Liar.” Duping delight is the thrill of getting away with a lie. It’s a term coined by Dr. Paul Eckman (pdf).
[It is] the near irresistible thrill some people feel in taking a risk and getting away with it. Sometimes it includes contempt for the target who is being so ruthlessly and successfully exploited. It is hard to contain duping delight; those who feel it want to share their accomplishments with others, seeking admiration for their exploits.
The Pamela Meyer TED lecture is below the fold, followed by video of duping delight examples.

“How to Spot a Liar.” The references to duping delight are at 11:45 and 14:55. (I can’t do anything about the blank spaces the TED embed adds.)
Examples of duping delight created by what appears to be a blog, Faces in the News.
And poker players.

Anyway. Watch for duping delight on Obama’s face. It happens a lot.